Monday, April 28, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I made two pints of salad dressing.  One French dressing and one Creamy Caesar dressing.

A friend of mine picked me up a two pound bag of yeast from Costco for $3.99.  You can't beat that price at the regular grocery store.

I filled my seven gallon propane tank at the RV store near work for 99¢ a gallon!  I was thrilled when I pulled up and saw the sign.  It is their summer promo.

I watch two TV shows on Hulu and one on Amazon.

I stuck to our meal plan once again and used leftovers for our lunches.

We gave our kitchen scraps to the neighbor's chickens.

I did not need to buy gas last week.  Yaaay!

I did not do any grocery shopping this week.  Again, yaaay!

I mended a seam in a pair of pants.

We replaced my daughter's broken E string on her violin and her teacher tuned it for us afterward saving us the time and expense of a professional repair.  I ordered the string from Amazon and an extra one for next time.  We know there will be a next time.

I used up the last of my homemade laundry detergent by mixing it half and half with store bought.  Now I am completely back to store bought detergent and cleaner, nicer smelling laundry.

I signed up for a free two week trial at to help me fill in some gaps in my family tree.

How was your thrifty week last week?


  1. Great week for you, as usual :)

    I took my dad to a Blue Jays game in Toronto this past Saturday. It was his Christmas gift from me. My father refused to allow me to buy him anything at the stadium because the prices are criminal. I bought him dinner on the way home, saving lots of money. I love my dad!

    I stayed home more last week resulting in fewer grocery store trips. Yay!!

    1. That is great! I bet your Dad really enjoyed the time he got to spend with you. I'm sure dinner elsewhere was a bargain. Probably tastier too.

  2. Nice savings! Great deals on the yeast and the propane. The salad dressing sounds good!
    I am just trying out some homemade laundry detergent that a friend who lives down the street gave to me. She said she used a recipe that she thought was going to make 5 gallons but instead made 10 gallons! I gladly accepted her offer and I am liking it so far. She said the cost of making and using it comes out to be about 3¢ to 5¢ per load! Cant beat that. :)

    1. Let me know how that detergent works out for you. The stuff I made seemed to work fine at first but then it didn't. I was bummed.

  3. I have to ask, where did you get your propane deal and is it still going on? We have a tank we need to fill! Love all the great information you give on this site!

    1. Thanks Lin! Bretz RV in Boise on Broadway Ave near the interstate.


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