Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Spring Break Staycation

Having just started a new job there was no chance I'd be heading out of town over spring break last week.  So we made our own thrifty fun by enjoying an assortment of things all on a tight budget, of course, as I hadn't earmarked anything extra for this week.

We began immediately as I told the girls the official start to Spring Break was 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon.  They hurried and got their chores done after school so we could get started.  We made nachos for supper out of lean ground beef seasoned with a little taco seasoning and topped tortilla chips ($1 from Fred Meyer) with the meat, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream and jalapeno slices.  I used lettuce instead of chips which basically made my nachos a taco salad.  It was a delicious way to start our break.

After supper we set up for Family Movie Nite and watched movies all for free online at Amazon and YouTube.  Just recently I discovered YouTube has full length movies.  We stayed up way too  late heading to bed at 2:00 in the morning!

Saturday we slept in (I was awake at 8:30) and started off our day by washing up the nacho dishes.  Yes, we didn't even clean up our dinner mess before we started watching movies.  The girls were shocked I allowed this to happen. J

Later that afternoon we walked up to the corner convenience store and got some frozen yogurt.  I paid for that using $5 from my Bunco winnings.  The weather was beautiful and we had fun walking home and eating our treat.

Tuesday the girls invited their grandparents and we went to the $1 movie to see Winter's Tale.  I paid for the movie with the last $5 from my Bunco winnings.  Their grandpa treated them to popcorn.

Wednesday and Thursday it rained quite a bit.  The girls spent the days inside.  After dinner on Thursday I hooked the laptop to the bigger monitor in my room.  The girls grabbed their pillows and we watched one of their favorite TV shows and another teen flick online for free.

Friday afternoon the girls spent the afternoon at a friend's house and I picked them up around six.  It must have been a fun time because they were so tired they asked to go to bed early.  It gave me a quiet evening to myself so I poured a glass of wine and watched FBI Files on my laptop for awhile.

Saturday was a rainy day so we enjoyed the better part of the day in our pajamas being completely lazy.  It had been a very long time since we'd had a day with nothing to do and it felt great.  My oldest made us some wonderful waffles for breakfast and then we broke out the board games. 

Not too terribly exciting but nice nonetheless.  Do you have any staycation's planned?


  1. Sounds just about perfect to me! I finally realized I am not a traveler and I don't have to travel just because everyone else wants to see the world. I like to stay around the house and read, sew and watch movies. I love movies. I'm a homebody and that is what makes me happy. Tana

    1. Sometimes the best vacations are spent at home. We really enjoyed the few things we did.

  2. What fun! It sounds like you girls had a great week! We do staycations too. Ours often consist of camping someplace local, visiting the free petting zoo, going to the park, having movie nights at home, hanging out in the backyard and playing games. :)

    1. With the price of gas right now it is hard to justify the expense of traveling someplace. I just think of all the things I can do with that money.

  3. Often the best of times are the simplest and least elaborate. I think your staycation sounds great and wonderfully relaxing! Hooray.

    1. We are going to do more of this. We live in a great area for fun activities that are free or low cost.


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