Thursday, April 10, 2014


Do you remember Zoom?

As a kid I was a tough one to feed breakfast to.  I didn’t really like to eat breakfast because my stomach was never ready to accept food first thing in the morning.  I am still that way.  In fact, I usually take my breakfast to work with me and eat it around 10:00.

Getting me to eat hot cereal was next to impossible.  I also have texture issues and most hot cereals are grainy to me.  I will eat oatmeal, however and as a kid I would also eat Zoom which has the same type of texture and a pleasant nutty flavor.  In my opinion, most hot cereals have no flavor.

When we moved to Idaho in the seventies the stores did not stock Zoom so I was left with only one choice - oatmeal.  By this time my mother pretty much had given up on me and if she made cream of wheat I went hungry which was fine with me.

A couple weeks ago I found myself reminiscing about my second cereal choice.  Remembering the flavor and texture and trying to recall what it was called.  I was thinking about seeing if I could locate it online and ordering some.

The last time I was in the grocery store I had a "holy crap" moment when my daughter and I headed down the cereal aisle.  There it was!  I couldn't believe it.  How weird?!  I think my youngest thought Mommy had lost her marbles but I told her how I had loved that cereal as a kid and just recently had started thinking about it.  And now here is was!

I grabbed a box and we each enjoyed a bowl of it on Saturday morning.  We even commemorated the event with brown sugar and half & half.  It was exactly as I remembered.

Now after forty years I am back to having two hot cereal choices.  Oatmeal and now Zoom.  Life is good! 

And I'm a little silly. J


  1. Hee Hee! You are silly! :)
    I never heard of this cereal but it looks good.

  2. Have never seen that in Canada. My mom used to make Red River cereal every morning. It was like bird seed. My kids would revolt if I made that :) Some things are better left as memories. Lol!


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