Monday, April 7, 2014

Last Week’s Thrifty Moves

On Sunday we bottled our first batch of home brewed beer.

My oldest made a coffee cake for me to take to work on Monday for a potluck.  Their potlucks are an all day affair starting with breakfast.  It was a hit and she was very proud of herself.

I picked up milk and markdown bananas while I was at the store mailing off some eBay orders.

I used two very ripe bananas to make two loaves of banana bread, much to my girl's delight.

Using a toothpick I was able to finish up a tube of chapstick.  I know, chapstick is cheap and by that time one should just throw it away but I dug enough out to lube my lips for a whole week.  I'm just nutty that way.

While the oldest was at honor band practice Tuesday night the youngest and I used that time to do some grocery shopping at a nearby Winco.  I was thrilled to discover it had the exact same layout as our old one we used to shop at so I was easily able to find everything I needed.

I went to visit a friend's mom who is staying in a nursing home.  I stopped at Wendy's and picked her up a 99¢ Frosty along the way which thrilled her to pieces.  We had a very nice visit while she enjoyed her ice cream.

My oldest daughter found a couple potatoes in the pantry that were growing eyes and has decided to try her hand at growing potatoes.  I hope she does well.  Their flower seeds have sprouted and are doing wonderfully.

Petunias up top and marigolds
She also collected some seeds from a tomato and a strawberry.  That could prove to be interesting.

Instead of going out for hamburgers and fries on Friday night we stayed in and made our own.

Saturday we did some garden shopping.  We started at the dollar store and got some plastic bowls and buckets we thought would make great planters.  I bought us a box of three strawberry shortcake ice cream bars too as a delicious and affordable treat.

At Walmart I bought a large bag of potting soil, some more seeds and a seed starting greenhouse.  The greenhouse is plastic so we can use it again next year and we will also have plenty of seeds left for next year and the year after most likely.  We came home and got right to work getting our seeds planted so they'll be ready in time.

I listed and sold some more items on eBay.

I used water to rinse out the last of the soap left in an empty bottle of dish soap.  I was able to wash two more sinks full of dishes with that soapy water.

We watched a couple TV shows online.  We also watched a movie from our own home collection.

We watched a video on Youtube about container gardening and another one about replanting onions and lettuce from the leftover parts you would normally toss in the trash.  We've done the onions before but didn't know about lettuce so we've decided we want to give it a try. 

What did you do last week to save money?


  1. I:
    - bought bagels and cream cheese at the grocery store instead of Panera
    - bought dark roast coffee at the grocery store (my favorite) instead of buying it out
    - got some free moving boxes from a friend!


    1. Molly that is excellent! I've noticed our stores are starting to carry better bagels so I don't miss the bagel shop so much. Still... nope, not going to do it. :) Keep up the great work!

  2. You had a very thrifty week!
    During my week I watered down the liquid laundry detergent and a bottle of the kids character hand soap they received for Christmas,
    I washed all the bedding and hung it all up to dry on the clothes line outside instead of using the dryer.
    I watched a tv show for free online. The kids watched several Disney shows online.
    We made all our meals including pizza.
    I picked up ice cream at the store for the family when we were craving it instead of going out to an ice cream shop to get some (we got strawberry shortcake bars too- isn't that funny?!)
    I also had no food waste except for what was given to the dog (but that's not really waste, is it?) We used up everything laying around the fridge- either ate them as leftovers or incorporated them into other meals.
    I am in the process of making a grocery list and meal plan for the next couple of weeks. I am also clipping some coupons.
    I kept the kids entertained by taking them to the local park, riding bikes in back of the school parking lot, took them to another playground, played ball in the yard, we all chipped in and cleaned up the backyard, they helped me with chores around the house, played hangman and tic tac toe as a wind down game before bedtime.
    Accepted 2 sets of twin size sheets from a friend who didn't need them anymore- they are perfect for my kids twin size beds!

    1. Wow Dawn! Way to go!! In my opinion there is no food waste if something eats it. ;) Lucky you with the sheet sets. You had an awesome week.


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