Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bathroom Mirror Updated - For Free!

After sprucing up and decorating our upstairs bathroom the old mirror stood out a bit more than what I liked.  The oak frame was stylish at the time I moved in, however I'd grown tired of it.  A little too dark for the light and airy décor the bathroom now has.

Mirrors are incredibly expensive and fortunately this one is in excellent condition.  It made sense to keep it and give it a facelift.  The best thing was it didn't cost me a dime.

Once again the metallic spray paint I bought to update a flower pot and then ended up spraying another flower pot, updating my kitchen light fixtures and a wooden basket made another appearance.

I started out by cleaning the frame and masking off the mirror itself.  Then I gave the frame a light scuff with a piece of sandpaper.  Lucky for me the original finish was long gone so it made sanding super easy.

I had laid out my trusty and well used dollar store shower curtain.  After a few light coats of paint the old oak frame was pretty well covered.  I let it dry thoroughly for about an hour.  Once dry, I removed the paper and gave the mirror a good cleaning.

Now hung back in place I think it looks fabulous!


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