Thursday, September 3, 2015

KIS - Purging The Excess

Unless one is a true minimalist we all have too much stuff.  Simply look around.  Without much effort you can see it.  Right there.  Creeping in, taking over.  Creating needless work.  Taking up valuable space.  Does it make you feel anxious?  Are the walls creeping in on you?

Our things need a purpose.  They also need a place.  If not, they really need to go.

We all have stuff we use every week if not every day and that's fine.  It's all the other stuff that we are dealing with (or attempting to) that we are talking about here.  The excess.

Too much of anything is simply too much.  No matter what it is.

While you may drink coffee consider this.  How many coffee cups do you really need to accomplish this? 

Do you make a habit of accumulating multiples?  Multiples of everything?

Does your stuff have a place to reside when your aren't using it?  Are things stacked up waiting for you to get to them?

How often do you organize?  Do you need to buy more stuff to organize your stuff?

What about shopping?  Do you buy stuff you already have and know you don't need? Are you buying things because you can't find the one or ones you already own?  Are you in debt?

The simplest solution is to purge the excess and stop bringing things into the home.  For most of us this is as easy as making a decision and sticking to it.  For some it requires help.  Even therapy.  We all have different reasons why we have excess stuff.  Figuring out the why behind it is every bit as important as the purge itself.

For me it was simply that a lot of lean years led me to thinking that I should have extras "just in case" I needed something.  More is better, right?  Well, not really.  Not in my case anyway.

So is today the day to face it and get started?  Are you ready to purge the excess?


  1. I purge regularly, just not a deep enough purge. With the exception of things like the generator that we keep for emergency use, I have established the "have I used this in a year" rule. It really helps with the decision making process. I just hate that I use so much stuff regularly.

  2. Still de-cluttering, I don't appear cluttered but the closets, drawers and cupboards tell a different story. Each year it gets easier! Hooray.

  3. We have our house up for sale, and are moving to a smaller house.. Thus, I had to down size. And it has been wonderful to declutter. I have done a lot of donating.. and a lot of throwing away..
    Best wishes with you de-cluttering project too.

    1. We finished our de-cluttering two years ago and now we are working to maintain it and not fill the house back up. We downsized from a 3 bedroom house to a 27ft RV. It was wonderful! Now that we are back home we don't want to become packrats.


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