Thursday, September 10, 2015

KIS - Keeping Want At Bay

Learning to be satisfied with what we already have is the simplest way to keep want at bay.  So many outside influences condition us to want more.  After all, more equals success, right?  Or does it?

Many of us are under the impression that the more you have the better off you are.  But after awhile stuff the desire to acquire more tends to take over and consume our thoughts and actions.  We work more to pay for our stuff, house our stuff and protect our stuff.  And then we worry about it.

Perhaps now is the time to seriously start looking at what we already have and ask ourselves some questions:

Is the item I already have good enough?
Do I truly need to upgrade?
Is what I have repairable?
If I just repurpose something I have will I like it better?
Do I use it?  Does it do what I want it to?
How do I feel about it?  Do I like it?

It's foolish to think we'll never buy anything ever again.  That just isn’t going to happen.  The reality is we all want things from time to time.  However, next time you feel the need to acquire something let's put a little more thought into it:

Do I really want this?
How do I plan to use it?
What will be the benefit of having this?
Where will I keep it?
How will I protect it?
How much time will I need to take care of it?
Can I truly afford it or would that money be best used on something else?

Another great way to handle "the wants" is to simply give it time.  Sleep on it and give it a few days.  Then decide if you still want it.  Quite often you'll discover that after the initial thrill wears off you no longer have that strong desire to acquire it.

There's a bonus to wanting less.  It comes in the form of contentment and peace of mind.  We can all use that.


  1. I truly believe less is more. This summer I emptied out my garage and got rid of everything that had not been used-passed it on to others that would use it. I kept only those things that are truly useful to us and then I cleaned and organized. Not only does it look great everything time I go in but I can easily find what I need. I am finding I have time now to properly care for the things I do have like keeping all my garden tools sharp, clean and stored where I can find them when I need them. It also allows you to easily see when you need something- if my bowl of potting soil is empty- I can see I need to pick up a new bag. It saves a lot of time and aggravation when you have only what you truly need. I plan to move on to the kitchen next.....

    1. That's fantastic! I agree with you. I find I have more time to take care of my stuff too and my house stays cleaner. Housekeeping is so much nicer. Good luck with your kitchen. :)


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