Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Big Project Is Finally Complete!

This is probably not at all what you were expecting!

This is the biggest project I have taken on since we moved back into our house and I have been steadily working on it since last spring.  As you have probably already figured out about me, when it comes to doing any kind of major purchase I always do a ton of research, especially when it comes to cars.  I'm also incredibly patient and keep at it until I find exactly what I am looking for at the price I am willing to pay.

I went back and forth multiple times over on exactly what I wanted.  New car or used? How much did I want to spend,  pay cash or finance?  What color, size, the gas mileage, cost of ownership, etc., etc., etc.  I nearly drove myself insane!  Seriously!  Especially this past month.  

I want a "Booger Free Guarantee"

You see, I happen to have this weird little quirk when it comes to buying cars. I seriously prefer to buy my cars brand new.  So that comes with its own set of challenges because I also want to be mindful when it comes to my spending.  New cars are notorious for being poor investments because they rapidly depreciate in the first two years.

But seriously, some people do some nasty things in their cars!

You know what I'm talking about.  They smoke, pick their noses (we've all seen it at the intersection), they eat drive-thru in them and spill stuff, their pets have full range, they don't clean them regularly and quite often they aren't great about the maintenance all while putting a lot of miles on them.  With a brand new car I always know its history.  That gives me piece of mind and a full warranty to boot. J

Recently I tried to go used, I really did.  A couple years ago I bought an inexpensive used car, a 1996 Mercedes with low miles, which is really nice.  We got it detailed so it is clean and it came with its maintenance records, but it is definitely used.  However, it will be perfect for my daughter after she takes drivers ed.  Safe, which is very important and old enough not to cost me a fortune when it comes to insurance.  Plus, as she puts it, not embarrassing to drive around in.

I would say!  I had to drive a metallic gold 1973 Pinto station wagon when I was in high school.  They weren't exactly the safest car on the market and it left me stranded on more than one occasion.  But, it was transportation.

Last Tuesday I was finally able to make it all come together.  I'm so glad I took my time and did my research.  And yes I did nearly drive myself nuts and there were a lot of sleepless nights, especially in the last couple of weeks, but it really has paid off. 

I found a brand new 2015 Nissan Sentra that was priced
$2,000 below Kelly Blue Book. 

Whoo hooooooo!

You know me.  I love a good clearance sale.  And here is why having a high FICO score and being fairly debt free has been so important to me.  I qualified for some incredible financing.

Zero down payment, 0% for 72 months, and 90 days before my first payment is due.

Holy cow!

It was all very straight forward, no hidden fees, no sneaky stuff.  No BS!  But, I give full credit for that to the dealership because they were fantastic.  I'd recommend them to anyone and already have.

So for now, my cash stays in the bank while I use the manufacturers.  They are literally letting me use their money for free.  All my payments go directly to the principal and I can pay it off over time or early.  It is definitely my preferred method of financing.

Now I'm sleeping at night again, I have a reliable source of transportation and my budget remains intact.  Plus she is really, really pretty.  

Oh!  And I get to cross this project off my "To-Do" list too!


  1. Wowee! Nice ride!! I don't blame you for buying new if you can. We always do a lot of research for months before we buy a vehicle and we've always been very happy with what we get because of that. I like the color you chose too!
    Congratulations to you! I am so happy for you (and for your daughter who gets the awesome hand-me-down!) :)

    1. Thank you Dawn! I love her so much! I definitely have a lot of piece of mind with this purchase thanks to all the research I did ahead of time and the fantastic buy. Yaaaay! :)

  2. Holy cow is right! This is beyond wonderful and you are right. I didn't see it coming.

    Nice Christmas present. :-D

    1. Thanks so much. It is definitely my Christmas present. I am just thrilled with it. Fun to drive and sporty too. :)


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