Friday, December 11, 2015

Only 2 More Weeks Left Until Christmas

Holy cow!  How are you doing getting ready for the big day?  Feeling the pressure?  Me too!

It is coming up so fast and even though I have been steadily working on stuff I'm still behind where I originally planned to be right now.  It always seems to work that way.

I still have one gift to complete, a few items to purchase for stockings, and some more wrapping to do.  We haven't decorated inside our home yet, but I did manage to gather up all the fall décor and get it put in the storage bin.  Now I just need to get it out to the garage.

I hung our cute Christmas shovel by the door.  Our little tree from our RV days is now sitting on a little table on our front porch.  That is as far as I've managed to get.  My neighbors on each side of us have put me to shame.  Their homes are decorated so nice right now.  Lots of trees in windows too I notice as I drive home each night.  Saturday will be our day to really get things going.

I cleaned, filled and primed my great-grandmother's kerosene lamps and have them on the mantle.  They look so pretty when they are lit.

We've also started our holiday baking and movie watching.  I'm attending my first party on Friday and we are hosting one here for family on Saturday evening.  We are excited about that.

Now to get that last gift finished up and all my wrapping done.  Yikes!

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