Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vintage Ornaments

When my grandmother passed away in 1999 I inherited all of her Christmas stuff.  As time went on I shared a lot of it with other family members so all of us would have a little bit to enjoy.  My favorite items are the beautiful vintage European glass tree ornaments.  Most were made in Germany during the 40s and 50s.  I think they are so pretty. 

This one is my very favorite.
Quaint and charming.

When the girls and I discussed getting new ornaments the other day while shopping for tree lights I suggested that instead of these new ones we could start something new and shop for vintage ornaments.

The fun is in the search, I think.  Plus they are so pretty and unique.
I made these little drums when I was in high school
out of toilet paper tubes, felt, ric rac trim and toothpicks.

Last Saturday, while the oldest was at a school function, the youngest and it went searching at our neighborhood antique mall.  We had a blast.

Our tree is a love mixture of vintage and handmade ornaments.  I especially love the handmade lace snowflakes a dear friend made for me this year.  I will definitely treasure them.

My grandparents vintage tree topper.  Made in Germany.
Pretty, pretty tree. 

Simple elegance


  1. Beautiful..i too have inherited my grans glass baubles..they aye so delicate and too fragile now for the tree..i have popped them in a glass dish on the table..its so nice to have a mix of old and new baubles and sentimental things on the tree's..

    1. that should say are not aye

    2. I agree Sara. I plan to enjoy my collection for years to come.

  2. HI
    I have been reading your blog for awhile. You are an inspiration to others. Your Blog is thoughtfully written and I enjoying taking a peak into your life. Don't let negative comments keep you from doing what you love. Merry Christmas!
    Ps. Who is Dave Ramsey??

    1. Nope, won't happen. I promise. Dave Ramsey is a financial advisor. My understanding he is tough on debt and spending. I really don't know a whole lot about him. But since he has never offered to pay my bills I don't really worry about it. LOL

  3. Your tree is beautiful. I also have many vintage ornaments I love to use each year. I like the new tradition you are starting with your girls.

    1. The vintage ornaments have so much character and charm. I think my girls really appreciate them as well.


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