Friday, December 18, 2015

Only One More Week Left Until Christmas!

My grandmother's bowl filled with old bulbs off her old strands.

I have made some serious progress in the last week!

Friday evening the oldest and I attended the annual Bunco Christmas Party/Taco Bar Potluck/Gift Exchange/Have A Good Time.  My oldest is now a substitute player and all the subs as well as the regulars attend the Christmas party.  Boy was it a full house this year.  And tons of fun!

We have decorated our home and set up our tree as you may have already noticed.   On Saturday the youngest and I went to the antique mall and shopped for a couple of new vintage ornaments to add to our collection.  The oldest had a school function that day and we really missed her.

Saturday night was our annual Horse Doover Nite where we eat lots of wonderful appetizers and decorate the tree.  It was a wonderful success, mainly because the tree it up and decorated.  Mission accomplished!

88¢ a pound!

I stopped at Albertsons to pick up a ham on sale and found beautiful looking New York Strip steaks on sale too.  They came home too.  Instead of our usual rib eyes we'll be enjoying those and I will enjoy the extra $8 I saved.  In fact, I put it toward a second ham for the freezer.  Easter is covered.

I got my rear in gear and finished wrapping gifts.  They are all nestled under the tree and ready to be opened.
My stash of new and recycled gift wrap items in the tote on top of those
drawers and rolls of wrap next to the how water heater.

Then I finally got the opportunity to sit for a couple of evenings at my sewing table and finish making the final gift on my list.  I worked from May through the end of September to gather all of the things I needed to complete this project (I even had to bid on eBay for some of it) and by then I needed a break to decompress.  After Christmas I'll share more about this project.  The recipient faithfully reads my blog every day so I can't give away the surprise.

I like to use the Brach's stars instead of kisses.

I plan to bake this weekend and relax on Saturday for some pinochle with my gal pals.  Then back to work (although, it really isn't) to get the final preparations done.  Which will include one more trip to the grocery store for fresh produce.  And most likely a bottle of wine.  Then feet up and wait for Santa. J

How are things coming along at your house?


  1. I love the idea of hunting for vintage ornaments. Some of the older ornaments are so cool. I have two presents to buy and then I will be done for this year. Then I can turn my attention to finishing the stocking hats for the homeless shelter before the really cold weather hits. Thank you for all your posts this year, I really have enjoyed following your blog.
    Paula in Kansa

    1. I'm so glad you've enjoyed my blog. I've really enjoyed doing it. It's easily my favorite hobby. Your are doing a fantastic thing making those hats. I'm sure they are greatly appreciated.

  2. I bet those light bulbs would look stunning if you put a battery operated tealight candle in among them.

    1. That's a great idea! I'd never thought of that.

  3. I have recently found your blog. I have been wondering where you are finding all those beautiful antique Christmas ornaments? Would you be willing to share your source? I know that you say antique mall that you seem to frequent often. Are they expensive or can I get them on a strict budget? I would just love having some for my tree. What a wonderful idea!
    Thanks, Joy from Washington

    1. We go to the Antique World Mall which is a place that rents booth space to people that sell various items. The two we bought this year were $2 and $3 a piece. I thought that was very reasonable. The others on my tree belonged to my grandparents. If you have an antique shop or mall like ours I'd check it out. Merry Christmas Joy!


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