Monday, June 19, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday I took the day off.  I was completely wiped out and in need of some serious downtime.  It was raining when I got up that day too so it provided the perfect excuse to sit back, put my feet up and just watch TV.  I haven't done that in ages.

I fired off an Amazon Pantry order with things we will be needing shortly.  Remember in January when I ordered two large bottles of Palmolive Ultra dish soap on sale for $1.87 each?  We are still using it!  Well this order included a refill size bottle of dish soap and when I did the math it was an even better deal!!

Monday it rained again, really hard.  So far I have yet to water the lawn as nature has been taking care of that for me quite nicely.

I had been missing my motorhome so Tuesday when I got home from work I grabbed my laptop and did my afterwork work out there.  It was nice to spend some time with Laverne.  I'm anxious to take her out on the road again.

Fred Meyer sent me a coupon for a FREE bag of Iams cat food.  Thank you very much!

I downloaded a book for free onto my Kindle.  I finally decided to actually use the darn thing and the verdict is still out.  For one thing, as my daughter has pointed out, books don't die on you mid chapter and need to be recharged.  So true!

I downloaded my Friday Freebie item and took another store survey to add 50 bonus fuel points to my card.

I refilled my bathroom handsoap dispenser using the cheap dishsoap I buy at the dollar store.  This stuff doesn't do the best job for washing dishes but it does work really well as liquid hand soap and for only a buck for a huge bottle it is a real bargain.  I usually only buy one of these a year.

I also stirred in 3Tbs of the dishsoap into a cup of warm water to make some solution to refill my foaming handsoap dispenser I keep at the kitchen sink.  Because the grapefruit scented dishsoap made the solution pink and the dispenser says citrus on it I decided to add one drop of yellow food coloring to see what would happen and it turned it the perfect orange color.

Here is a before shot of one of those projects
Hmmm.... wonder what they did?

Saturday we were blessed with beautiful weather so we got buys and worked on a couple big projects that were on my list.  One was practically free and one, not so much.  I'll be sharing those projects in a couple of upcoming posts.

I did not grocery shop this week.

I washed out a couple of Ziploc bags to be used again.

I composted egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, avocado skins and banana peels.  We gave the chickens watermelon rinds and other kitchen scraps.  I also cut them a huge pile of dandelion greens from the backyard.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I am a refill gal too with our hand soaps. I am surprised at the number of people who toss their foam soap dispensers after they are empty. I even made some foam with some ancient baby shampoo I found in the back of the bathroom cabinet.
    Glad you had a day of rest. It is necessary to take one occasionally.

    1. I would have done that too with the baby shampoo. I hate to waste anything.

  2. I try to refill my foam soap dispensers, but some of them are more cheaply made than others and stop pumping.

    I use a 4:1 hot water:liquid soap ratio. The hot water is to get them to mix more quickly. But is that too much soap?

    1. I agree with you. Sometimes the pump won't last until the original soap is gone. The pumps in the Bath & Body Works bottles are super good though. I personally have found that 1 Tbs. liquid soap to 1/3 cup warm water works really well. I know if isn't the right ratio it doesn't foam well.

  3. You did well with your savings. I wish we were able to get free products here. I do miss Fred Meyers. ;) Thanks for the tip on how to refill your foaming hand soap dispenser. I had the grandkids here this weekend and one of them used quite a bit of my foaming hand soap. I'm just happy at this point that he washed his hands. ;)

    1. No kidding. A kid that willingly washes their hands is worth their weight in gold! Ha, ha.


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