Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Projects

Sorry I'm a day later on this post than promised, but as you'll see it is a lengthy one and took me longer to put it together then I was expecting.  Sometimes, that is just how it goes.

To say the least I was a busy girl.  I started out bright and early Saturday morning.  You see, I was on a mission.  And I had a list!

After a quick breakfast the girls and I were off in the truck to Home Depot for supplies.  Along the way we stopped into Walgreens to pick up four bottles of laundry detergent that were on sale and I had coupons.  99¢ a bottle!  I was super excited about that.

At Home Depot I returned some things I did not need.  Since I had used a gift card to make that purchase they issued me store credit which was totally fine by me.  We were there about an hour gathering up everything I needed and checking out a few things for future projects I have in mind.  At checkout I used the store credit along with a $25 Visa gift card I had to pay for everything.  My projects for the weekend cost $0!

We hit Fred Meyer on the way home for a few grocery items to get us through the long weekend and the rest of the week as well.  After we unloaded the truck we hopped into the car and were off to pick up houseguest number one, a friend of my oldest daughter.  Once home I got busy dragging out my tools and stringing cords.  I was more than ready to get started.

Project #1 - Our Front Gate

I have wanted to tackle this one for a very long time.  Our tenants had somehow managed to bend the living bejeezies out of the hinges, we assume by wedging some furniture into the four foot space and getting it stuck.  Who knows for sure.  But, by the time I got to this project this poor old gate was hanging on by a thread and a miracle.

New frame

Old gates removed

Putting the old gate boards onto the new frame

I carefully took it all apart, built a new frame, put the fence boards and lattice back on and got it hung back up.  I was able to salvage all of the hardware and reuse it too.  Then I added a barn star for a little decor and it looked really nice, but then I got to thinking.....

Old hardware ready to be reused

New gate hung back in place

From the back

So I taped of the star in the center and hit it with a coat of Rustoleum Claret Wine spray paint.  

Not a bad transformation, huh?

Project #2 - Laverne - Exterior Touch Ups

I sanded, masked off and painted the door to the hot water heater and the extremely rusty water inlet.  I also added a plug to where the hose hooks in to keep out dirt.  Super quick and easy project and the results...

Well, holy heck, HUGE difference in my opinion.  Nothing quite like a little maintenance.

Project #3 - Laverne's Countertop extension.

Sunday I was back into project mode at the crack of dawn.  As a courtesy to my neighbors I did wait until 9:00 to run any power tools.  But then it was game on!  I ended up working several projects simultaneously as paint needed to dry and glue had to set.

I had dug through my scrap wood and found a piece of a plywood shelf that I knew would be perfect for this project.  I also selected some trim I had found in the "FREE WOOD" bin near my work that was perfect too.  I cut the plywood to size and filled in some cracks with filler.

Once it was dry I sanded it, then trimmed it out using glue and finish nails I already had.  Then I sanded it again.

Two coats of Rustoleum Kona Brown paint and then I Modge Podged some "vintage" labels I had in my craft bin.  Finally a use for that quart of Modge Podge I bought last year.  I think it turned out super cute.  All I need to do now is mount it.

Project #4 - Laverne's Closet Shelf

Using more wood from my scrap pile I built a little removable shelf for the bottom of the closet.  Two little cloth bins I bought at the dollar store slide underneath to hold socks and underwear.  A larger bin, also from the dollar store, sits on top for pajamas and other things.

Project #5 - Laverne Gets A New Step

The extra step that came with the motorhome was a great idea, but it wobbled.  I built a new one with would I already had and gave it a couple coats of the Claret Wine spray paint.  That paint was actually leftover from my Scamp travel trailer upgrades.

I topped it off with Trex decking I picked up at Home Depot the day before.  I think it looks really nice.  It is slightly larger than the other one too and it doesn't wobble.

Project #6 - Motorhome Cutting Board

This was a super quick and easy project I thought of on our Maiden Voyage.  The underside of the sink cover is particle board.  Not the best choice for this type of application, in my opinion. but it is what they tend to use.  The surface was pitted and there was some mold on it so I got out the sander and went to work carefully renewing the particle board surface.

After pulling out the crumbling plastic grommet in the finger hole I taped off the laminate surface and gave it two good coats of Rustoleum Kona Brown paint.  This should keep it nicer and in decent condition for awhile now and when the time comes I'll probably make some new ones.

Project #7 - Spring Clean The Pantry

It was on my May Goals list so it had to be done.  While it was fairly neat and organized it had been a while since I had actually cleaned in there.  So bright and early Monday morning I got to it.  Everything out on the kitchen floor and then I washed down all the shelves with hot soapy water.  Once dry it was time to put everything back.

With the food put away I relocated the collection of empty canning jars back into the garage on the shelf where they belong and then mopped out the tile floor.  I was rewarded for my efforts with a handful of Hershey kisses I found in there and didn't know I had.  Lucky me!

Project #8 - Dripping Faucets

I lucked out on this project because a friend of mine, who happens to be a plumber came over and did this one for me.  Our kitchen faucet was dripping so he got it all spruced up and stopped the drip.

Our outside hose spigot was completely worn out and had water shooting out the handle.  He got that pulled apart and repacked and now it no longer makes a huge puddle next to the house every time we use the hose.  Yippeeee!  While he worked I made lunch and finished up the pantry project and hauled a bunch of stuff out to the recycle bin.  It worked out pretty well for both of us.

That was my busy, but very productive and satisfying holiday weekend.  How was yours?


  1. I am always so impressed with your projects. Great jobs! I made homemade pumpkin bread and turned it into homemade bread pudding with a homemade toffee sauce. Delicious. :-)

    - Molly

  2. You even build gates!! Nice! Love your new shelf and step stool for Laverne too. You remind me of one of my aunts, never afraid to do it herself!! I need more of that gene!!


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