Thursday, June 15, 2017

Motorhome Storage - The Pantry

The fact that there is even a pantry in this little motorhome to begin with just thrilled me to no end.  The layout was exactly as I wanted, but it did need a little facelift and some minor improvements.  I got busy doing just that.  So busy in fact, that I forgot to take some before pictures.

First things first I took out the removable shelves so I could give them a nice fresh coat of spray paint (Rustoleum spray paint + primer - Kona Brown - $3.87).  They were white and I wanted them to match the new ones I'd been installing in some of my other cupboards.  I also wanted to add a piece of trim to the front of each shelf to help keep things from sliding off while in transit and to give them a more finished look consistent with the other shelves.

When I was cleaning out the pantry I noticed the base of the cabinet was warped.  I think, by the looks of it, the previous owners had stored water jugs in there and at one time they had leaked causing the particle board to do exactly what particle board does when it gets wet.  I removed that section and found a piece of a 12" wide shelf that I had leftover from a project several years ago in the corner of the garage and guess what?  Perfect fit!  I gave it a couple good coats of paint and once it was dry I put it in place with a couple drywall screws.

The cabinet underneath the pantry will be perfect for appliance storage.  Like maybe my bread machine.  It was missing a small piece of wood at the back so I cut a whole new board, again from my stash, and painted it too.  Once it was dry I installed it.

I'm pretty sure I can get my bread machine in here

With all the shelves painted and trim pieces added to them they went back in place in the pantry next.  I let everything sit and dry for 24 hours before I cut some rubber gripper shelf liner to fit.  I had run out of the stuff I had bought on sale at ShopKo so I ordered some more from Amazon.  A 20 foot roll so I'd have plenty to finish up with.

The little switch on the left controls the light

The pantry has a switch that turns on the light inside when you open the door and off when you close it.  The latch to hold the door closed was broken so the light had been turned off.  I replaced the latch with a new one I picked up at Home Depot ($1.97) and then activated the light so now the switch controls the light again.  Yaaay!

Another project completed and crossed off the list.


  1. What a cute little pantry! What are your plans for yummy food in your motorhome? I used my breadmaker yesterday -that has been a great $20 purchase. Last week it finished a loaf just in time for me to take it to the hospital for my husband's (and his coworkers') dinner. What a treat for them!

    - Molly

    1. Nice! I used mine this weekend. Nothing like homemade bread. As far as motorhome meals go, I'm not quite sure. I'll have to do a post on that next time we head out.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh good because I really enjoy sharing. :)

  3. I am fascinated by all your improvements--I love watching your progress, too! I need to take some shop-type classes (girls didn't take shop when I was in Middle school--sigh) somewhere so I can be more comfortable with tools!

    1. So true. Shop classes were predominately for boys when I was in school. Luckily for me I had a talented father and I learned a lot from him.

  4. I love following along on the progress you are making! I hope you don't mind if I am taking mental notes (and will also be coming back to these post later since we all know about my "foggy brain") for when my hubby and I buy a cabover camper (hopefully) next year.

    1. Not at all Debbie, I'd be honored. Oh, I hope you get your camper and I will enjoy watching you work on yours. Check Craigslist right after hunting season. I've noticed a lot of them go on sale for cheap because owners don't want to store them another winter. Check the Boise Craigslist too. You might have to come for a visit then! ;)


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