Friday, January 10, 2014


Do any of you suffer with Chilblains in the winter?  If so you have my undying sympathy because I know how miserable this can be.  For those of you not familiar with what Chilblains is, it is a circulatory issue that affects a person's extremities after exposure to cold.  For some, as in my case, it is secondary to another issue altogether.  A little icing on the cake, if you will.

The key is to stay warm in the winter, especially your hands and feet.  That is easier said than done, however.  Try as I might eventually my feet will get too cold and the condition flares up.  Fortunately it rarely affects my hands, but my poor feet will become a mess.

Chilblains is rather painful.  I remember when it first happened it felt like I had fever blisters on my toes.  It almost looked like it too.  Initially, my doctor thought I must have stubbed my toe or my shoes were too tight.  It was my daughter's doctor, a family practitioner, who actually diagnosed me.  Needless to say I switched doctors.  Finally someone knew what the heck was going on with my feet.

I was hoping our move to Arizona would spell the end of my winter flare ups, along with giving me some relief for my arthritis.  That was the main reason we planned the move.  When our plans fell through and we ended up staying here I was dreading the upcoming winter.

I have been extra diligent this year in keeping my feet as toasty warm as possible.  When temperatures fell below zero I couldn't keep my feet warm enough on the way to work one morning and that was that.  Fortunately it has been a milder flare up than I have had in the past.

My friends must have been worried about me keeping my little piggies warm enough this year because every single one of them got me a pair of warm socks for Christmas.  Aren't friends the best?!

If you need more information about Chilblains here is a website you can visit:


  1. I have never experienced Chilblains and am grateful. Do you read the Frugal Queen blog? She has written about getting them as a child. She seems to relate it to not having had adequate heat in the winter when she was growing up.

    What great friends you have to remember your condition and care enough to buy socks :)


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