Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thrilled About My Thrifty Purchase

I'm a nut about canning jars, especially vintage ones.  I love to check out thrift stores and antique shops looking for old mason jars.  A couple years ago while out antiquing with my parents we found a shelf full of vintage half gallon mason jars for only $2 a piece.  I think we bought them all.

I use my canning jars year round.  Not only do I can fruit, jams and salsa in them but I use them to store my homemade dressings and sauces as well as items in my pantry.  The vintage canning jars from the antique mall store my beans and pastas.

A couple of weeks ago I told you I bought some wide mouth half gallon canning jars.  They were a box of six, regularly priced at $13.97.  I had a little bit left on a $50 gift card so I used it and my final price out of pocket rang in at $6.43.  I was pretty happy about that.

I love these jars!

I love the cute little design printed on the side of the jar.  More importantly, I love that I now have glass containers to store our milk in that I am able to get my hand inside so I can easily clean them.  Keeping milk containers clean is often difficult because of the residue left behind.

I love how the size of the jar is perfect to fit in the door of our refrigerator.  The milk jugs from the store never quite fit.  They always stuck out a bit so I couldn't put things near the edge of the middle shelf or the door wouldn't close.  With refrigerator space at a premium that was a pain.

A couple years ago I bought a box of white plastic lids for everyday use for my jars.  I put the lids and rings that came with them away to use when I can next.

In addition to milk there are a lot of things I plan to use these jars for:

·         Sun tea, obviously J
·         Lemonade
·         Making a small batch of pickles
·         Flour canister
·         Sugar canister

If I'm not careful I may find myself in need of another box of these jars. 

Do you have any half gallon mason jars?  What do you use yours for?


  1. I don't have any half gallon mason jars but I have a couple of boxes of those
    white lids that I use with my pint and quart jars and I love them!

    1. I have never regretted buying those lids, that's for sure. I love them too and use them all the time.


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