Friday, October 9, 2015

Bathroom Vanity Upgrade For Under $10!!


The vanity in our downstairs bathroom has been in dire need of a facelift.  The paint was scratched and worn and the finish had started to come off the knobs a bit.  I was ready for something different too.

While at Home Depot collecting supplies for another project I had grabbed some paint swatches.  My oldest and I went through them all and chose the what we think is the perfect color to go with the floor, countertop and décor.  I chose Elegant Charcoal (because it needs to be elegant of course) by Glidden.

On a second I second trip to Home Depot for supplies I went ahead and got a sample size container of paint mixed up and a couple of sponge brushes.  I also looked at their knobs and found several I liked but they were pretty expensive.  I checked Amazon and found them for a fraction of the cost so I ordered them.  The day they arrived I got to work.

I removed the doors and knobs as well as the false fronts.  They screw in from the back and it was pretty easy to remove them.  All the hardware went into a container so nothing got lost.  Then I lightly sanded the cabinet and doors.

First coat.

I also took the time to mask off the walls, the underside of the edge of the countertop and put newspapers down on the floor.  I spread out our trusty shower curtain/drop cloth on the entry way floor too.  Everything was given two coats of paint and allowed to dry.

The false front panels went back on.  Then I put the hinges back on the doors and mounted them to the cabinet.  Then those fancy knobs I ordered.

I just love these!

I love the paint color and the new knobs really adds a little something extra.  No more scratches and everything looks fresh and new.

Ta da!  All finished!

Total cost was $2.94 for the paint, 69¢ for a medium sponge brush and 59¢ for a narrow sponge brush.  The knobs were only $1.37 each!  Total spent = $6.96!!

I think it's just beautiful.

And guess what?  I only used about a third of the paint so I have plenty leftover to do the upstairs bathroom vanity.  Whooo hoooo!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am so in love with that tiny little bathroom.

  2. It looks amazing! :)
    I am crazy about the knows and the color paint you chose. I like when you post the projects you do- it always inspires me and makes me think outside the box and how I can get stuff done without breaking the bank. :)

    1. * crazy about the KNOBS
      (Spell check makes me crazy!)

    2. I totally knew what you meant - LOL. So much fun to see it transform.

  3. What a great finished project! I really enjoy reading about your house projects, even though doing them myself is SO not my cup of tea. :-)
    - Molly

    1. Thanks Molly. You can live vicariously through me. ;)

  4. It is lovely. Don't you love it when everything works, is inexpensive, and looks this good!

    1. It thrills me to no end. I do happy dances for days.

  5. Beautiful !!!!! The charcoal paint with the gorgeous knobs...really looks elelgant.. Thus , living up to its name..
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Only the best for us - ha, ha. Thanks Judy!

  6. Oh yah! That looks great! Grey is one of my favorite colors and the knobs are so pretty! I'm glad you realized that it wouldn't take much paint for that vanity, so many people buy waaaay to much paint for their projects!



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