Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Joy Of Music

Music is a HUGE part of our life.  We listen to it all the time.  We sing, dance, and love to have little trivia games where we quiz each other about songs on the radio and who sings them as well as tidbits of information about our favorite bands.  We enjoy almost all genres of music too.

When my children were in elementary school I gave them the choice to join choir, band or orchestra.  It was their choice, but they had to pick at least one.  I feel very strongly that adding music to one's education is much more valuable to them than just singing or playing an instrument.  They learn so much more.

My oldest daughter plays the clarinet, my old clarinet, and has since the 5th grade.  She is totally following in Mom's footsteps and I love to see the excitement and passion she has for playing.  She has participated in music clinics and honor band in addition to her regular band classes at school.

My youngest daughter plays the violin, much to my delight.  We've never had anyone in my family be in an orchestra so she loves the fact that she is the first.  She began in the 4th grade and seems to have a natural aptitude and talent for the instrument.  She has had some private lessons and is getting ready to try out for honor orchestra next month.

Last Friday evening we attended the all-city junior high honor concert that my oldest daughter was in.  It was comprised of students in band, choir and orchestra from all of the junior high schools in Boise.  The concert was fantastic.

Borah High School

Saturday evening we went to the annual marching band competition.  My oldest will be in high school next year so she got a good look at what the marching bands do and she is extremely excited about it.  I loved watching those students march and play their hearts out.  I really loved watching the excitement in my girls as they had such a great time cheering them on and choosing their favorites.  Those kids did a phenomenal job.  Such pride and talent.

Boise High School

Along with developing a talent and gaining an appreciation for music children are exposed to so much more.  They learn how to work in a group and develop team building skills.  They learn to set goals and reach higher to attain them.  They develop spirit and camaraderie.  Not to mention they'll make memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. Thrifty, you are so spot on about kids and music. I hope your daughters keep with it. My sons loved sports and I had only one rule. If they played sports they also had to take piano. All three of them did and branched out to other instruments. The older 2 went the sports route in high school while the third did band, orchestra and jazz band. All of them still play instruments and the first thing everyone does when they come home to visit is sit down to play the piano. But the kid that was in the band is currently in his Jr. year majoring in jazz studies and planning a career in music. The older 2 both envy his choices!

    1. That is fantastic Anne! I truly believe that music makes us better people and our lives are much more enjoyable.

  2. Surprise... you do have family that played in the orchestra. KY played the violin from middle school to her junior of high school. Her orchestra conductor said she was a natural and wanted to teach her to play the cello also. Fun family facts... keep playing... love those strong instruments. DW


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