Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I made a loaf of whole wheat bread.  We've been living bread free for awhile so it was nice to have a hot fresh loaf to enjoy.

I used a $10 coupon at ShopKo to buy myself a new pair of cross trainer tennis shoes.  They were on sale for $34.99 and after the coupon they were even more affordable.  I also picked up two 16# bags of our favorite dry cat food on sale for only $8.99 each. 

I did a little bit of grocery shopping.  Mostly loss leader items and some produce.  I also found a nice beef roast that was in the markdown bin at Fred Meyer.  I had a $2 OFF meat coupon which saved me another $2 on the roast.  Nice!

I sold a dozen eggs.

I picked a half dozen tomatoes from the garden.  I can't believe we are still getting veggies this late in the season.

I stopped at the dollar store for shampoo, conditioner, face wash for the girls and night light bulbs.  One of our plug in jack-o-lanterns had a bulb burn out so I needed to replace it. J  I was glad the dollar store had the bulbs.  There were three in the package.

I washed out 2 one gallon sized Ziploc bags to reuse.

I composted eggs shells, banana peels, coffee grounds and tea bags.

I checked out three books from the library.

Our chickens blessed us with 20 eggs.

How thrifty were you last week?


  1. Good job. I borrowed digital books from the library, downloaded a free video game, attended a work training that provided free lunch as well as got to take home an extra lunch and was also given candy and 3 free books there that I will give to my son for Christmas, used coupons to get free cat treats and a yogurt cup, received free samples of feminine items in the mail.

  2. I like your jack-o-lanterns. I love shopping at the Dollar store. You can find some really good bargains there. I am using up Christmas fabric scraps and making small candle mats for the girls I work with for Christmas and I found some cute little jar candles in winter scents for a $1 each to go with them. They will make a cute gift and not cost an arm and a leg.
    Paula in Kansas

    1. I love that idea! I may have to borrow that idea for next year. This year I'm making hanging dish towels.

  3. Great savings! High Five to you! :)
    I needed a light bulb for our fridge but held out on buying one because I thought that maybe we had one somewhere in one of our unpacked boxes and, sure enough, I found it while unpacking so I didn't need to buy a bulb- yay! I saved our bread bags to use because I did not have any zip-top baggies. We ate up all leftovers and heated up coffee. We worked with the kids to come up with Halloween costumes and we only had to shell out two dollars for 2 dollar store items to complete our son's costume. We gave our little girl a princess dress for her birthday this month, so that will double up as her Halloween costume- win, win! I resisted buying any Halloween candy (as HARD as that has been because it is EVERYWHERE!) I know the kids will be getting a lot of candy trick or treating so to buy some would be kind of a lot to have in the house. We had a large get-together at our house this weekend and most of what I cooked was made from ingredients that I already had on hand- I didn't have to buy too much specifically for the gathering. Went to the library with the kids and borrowed a bunch of dvd's, a video game, kids books and I borrowed 3 cookbooks. :)

    1. You did great Dawn! Lots of ingenuity and creativity saves a ton of money!


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