Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Polish Your Shoes

Do you take time to polish your shoes?

My father taught me to polish my shoes when I was very young.  As a kid I wore corrective orthopedic shoes.  They were leather and very expensive so it was important that I take really good care of them.  They were also extremely UGLY.  I hated those shoes with a passion but that's a whole other story.

I find polishing my shoes kind of cathartic.  There is something said for taking good care of the things we own.  My shoes are no exception.  I try to invest in the highest quality shoes I can afford so I want to take care of them so I last.

Just as with those ugly orthopedic shoes I try to avoid mud and puddles.  If I do get them wet I get them dry as quickly as possible, wipe off any mud as soon as I can and keep them polished so they always look nice.  Polishing does other things as well.  It conditions the leather and helps it to last longer while putting on a nice protective barrier.  Plus I happen to love the smell of shoe polish.

I have always used KIWI shoe polish.  That's what my dad uses and so do I.  With a soft cloth I smooth on just enough to lightly coat the surface of the shoe.  Then I do the other one.  By the time I've finished the second shoe the first one it ready to be buffed.  With the soft cloth I buff the show and the matte finish becomes shiny, the leather is soft and renewed.  Then I buff the other one and my shoes look new again.

It takes very little time but the effort sure pays off in a big way.


  1. I usually do not polish my shoes- I don't wear dress shoes enough these days to have to polish them. While cleaning out the attic before moving we came across my grandfather's old shoe polish box- one of those old wooden boxes with the slanted top that was used for a person to sit and prop their foot on top of while their shoes were shined. Inside the box were cans of shoe polish and rags- so neat! My brother has it now but we all thought it was great! :)


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