Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fall Is In The Air

Although the leaves have yet to begin to really turn colors here it is officially fall.  At least that's what the calendar tells us anyway.

I just love pumpkins.  I especially love eating things that are made with them.

Fall chrysanthemums are so pretty.

Soups and chili sure seem to taste better this time of year.

Spirited jack-o-lanterns.

Black kitties.  Well one, anyway.

 We'll be raking leaves soon enough.


  1. My favorite time of year! Love the crisp mornings and cool nights snuggled with a warm blanket. :)

    1. Hey Dawn, been missing reading about you and your family!

    2. Hey Lady! Good to hear from you! Happy Fall! :)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! It was hot here today, but the dogwood leaves are beginning to turn a little and a few random leaves are falling. It will be full fledged fall before too long. I need to get a pot of mums for the porch but my hibiscus is still blooming like crazy and I hate to move it while it is still pretty.

    1. It has been warmer than usual here for sure and our garden is still going strong. I'm enjoying it while I can because it will be cold soon enough.

  3. Everything looks beautiful.. I love fall.


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