Monday, October 12, 2015

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

The girls and I started doing a free online yoga class Sunday.  We use the Roku on the TV to access it on Youtube and do it right in the living room.  I used to do yoga a lot but got away from it for awhile.  We are enjoying it but all I can say right now is "Owwww".  My poor body isn't used to this yet.

I met one of my dearest and closest friends for dinner Monday night at Sizzler.  They had their steak and salad bar for $9.99 which is what we usually pay for just the salad bar.  We sat and talked for 4 hours!  Went by in no time and we both decided we need to do this far more often than we actually do.  We had a blast.

While the oldest was at honor band practice the young one and I headed to the dollar store to see if they had some feathers she needed for a school project.  They didn’t, but what they did have was a ton of new items for holiday baking.  They even had molasses!  Needless to say I bought a few things.  We are pretty much set now for holiday baking supplies.

Canned pumpkin, molasses, ginger, graham cracker crusts and cherry pie filling.

We also went to Fred Meyer and Albertson's to pick up a few of their sales items and some fresh produce.  At Fred Meyer I found two tubs of icing on markdown for 79¢ each.  I used three of the coupons I was sent in the mail to save $2.45 on my produce purchase.  I took another survey to add bonus points for my rewards card for fuel.

I had another friend come over to share a bottle of wine I picked up at Albertson's for $3.50 on markdown and we decided it was pretty darn good.  I also prepared us a veggie tray and some cheese and crackers to munch on while we visited.  All of the items were in my refrigerator and pantry so it was nice and quick to put it all together.

I bartered a dozen eggs with one of my co-workers for some lemon cookies.  Yum!
Friday evening the girls and I went out to dinner for our Family Nite Out.  Afterward we stopped at Dillards at the mall to buy me a new bra using the $50 gift card I had ordered using my credit card rewards points.  Dillards typically doesn’t have sales on the bras I wear and I am pretty loyal to that specific brand because they are extremely comfortable and they fit me.  Plus they hold up really well.  They are als0 expensive so I usually only buy one a year.

Last year, however, I didn't buy one so I've been down to just two bras for awhile now and they are both shot.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to go in there and see two racks of bras on clearance in my brand and my size.  I bought three!  I used my gift card and only had to pay an additional $23.00!  I am so excited!!!!

On the way home from Dillards we stopped at Michaels to pick up the craft supplies the young one needed for her school project.  I used a 50% OFF coupon and we only spent $5.

I picked tomatoes from the garden.  Our weather has been beautiful so we are still getting some.  I fed kitchen scraps to the chickens and composted eggs shells, coffee grounds, tea bags and banana peels.

We didn’t need to use either heat or A/C last week so that should save some on our electric.  It also rained mid week so we only watered the garden once and the lawn not at all.  The leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn color.

I made homemade salad dressing and started a new batch of beer brewing.  I also washed out a one gallon Ziploc bag to reuse.

Our chickens blessed us with 20 eggs.

How thrifty were you last week?


  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Love how you bartered the eggs for cookies with your co-worker!

    Yesterday we stopped at the dollar store before heading into the grocery store and I also noticed the stock of baking items they had. Like you, I picked up a bunch of stuff including the molasses and pie filling and seasonings. I also decided that I am going to make my own dry onion soup mix and taco seasoning so I got what I needed to make those. When we went to the grocery store I picked up what I needed to make a big batch of granola this week. A friend gave me 2 large butternut squashes from her garden and I cooked and mashed one of them for dinner and the rest I made bread out of (using my banana bread recipe, I replaced the mashed banana for mashed squash)- it turned out pretty good!

    Glad that your weather is so nice for you. We are absolutely loving Fall in Wisconsin! The trees are all changing colors- oh my! :)

    1. Our trees have just barely begun to change. Right now we have a big forest fire going on nearby so we are socked in with thick smoke. Air quality is nil and it smells awful. Hope they are able to get a handle on it soon.

      Clever girl using the butternut to make bread. I would've never thought about that. I bet you could use a pumpkin bread recipe too. Hmmmm. So much baking I'd like to do, but I still have to fit in my pants. :(

      Let me know how the soup mix turns out and if it is good I hope you will share. :)


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