Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goals For January

I think making lists and having goals is very important.  It helps me immensely to be more efficient and productive.  This year I've decided to try something a little bit different.  For one thing I want to scale down the size of my lists by half.  Last year we accomplished a ton of stuff and now that things are much more manageable around here a shorter list should do just fine.

This is what I have planned for this month:

1.          Purge, organize & put away Christmas décor & wrapping supplies
2.         Send a card or letter to someone
3.         Family Nite Out or Outing
4.         Be creative - sew or craft something
5.         Do some investment cooking
6.         Complete a small home improvement project
7.         Spring clean both bathrooms
8.         Wash all the mirrors
9.         Create a new menu plan for February
10.       Make or bake something to share
11.        Purchase a small Valentines gift for my girls
12.        Enjoy a Family Movie Nite or Family Game Nite!
13.        Organize and update important paperwork
14.        Begin compiling information for filing 2015 tax return
15.        Invite guests over for a visit or dinner

Although this list is much smaller I'm sure I will still be productive and manage to accomplish quite a bit each month.

This is how I did last month with my much longer list:

1.          Count my blessings
2.         Go to the $$ Store
3.         Send a letter or card to someone
4.         Family Game Nite! We played the Wii and had a bowling night
5.         Invite guests over for a visit or dinner
6.         Make goodie plates to give our friends and neighbors  I kind of fizzled out at this point.
7.         Sew or craft something
8.         Make a monthly meal plan for January
9.         Make a menu for Valentine's Day  Spicy Romano Chicken & Pasta with homemade French bread.  YUM!
10.       Try a new recipe
11.        Read a book or write
12.        Family Movie Nite!  Christmas Movies!!
13.        Family outing  We walked the neighborhood on Christmas Eve and looked at lights.
14.       Put away Fall décor
15.       Decorate for Christmas
16.       Repurpose/recycle something
17.       Mail Christmas cards and letters
18.       Finish wrapping Christmas gifts
19.       Shop for stocking stuffers
20.      Bake and decorate cookies with my girls
21.       Make Thank You cards  I bought a package of 8 really cute ones at the $ Store.
22.      Rake leaves
23.      Complete a $5 or $10 home improvement project  I thought about this a lot but honestly, with all the other stuff I did I was totally fine skipping this one.
24.      Clean gutters  The freezing weather meant everything in there was stuck.  Next warm day we are on it.
25.       Prune a tree
26.       Family Nite Out!  We went out to dinner at a restaurant we had never been to.
27.       Make a new day planner for 2016
28.       Spring clean my desk and sewing area  I did a lot of sewing and it was needed.  I gave my desk to my youngest so it got a thorough clean as well.
29.       Make suet cakes for the chickens
30.       Take some time for myself

Do you find you get more done with a list?  What are some of the things you have in mind for this month?

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