Friday, January 29, 2016

Finally, I Replaced My Workout Pants

Note:  I am not the model in these pants. Ha!

A girl has to look good when doing yoga.  Even when she is by herself.  With no one around.  Right?  Of course she does!

The truth of the matter is that when I am wearing my workout pants I'm rarely alone.  And although I was well aware that my last pair, also my one and only, were shot, I had other pieces of clothing to take care of long before my workout pants became a priority.  Now after several mending jobs they were becoming a priority.

For several months now I've been looking for replacements, but man are they expensive.  And some of the styles are…  well, let's just say not mine.  I like mine plain, black and roomy.  Not sucked to my bod with bright wild colors emphasizing the stuff I don’t want emphasized.

Funny thing is I'd been looking at these for quite awhile but the lowest I'd seen them on sale for was $29.99.  Too much for my budget at the time so I kept looking.  Not seriously, but when we were out shopping I'd check and I also checked online from time to time.  Last week I found this pair on the clearance rack at ShopKo.  

Needless to say, when I found the ones I wanted were on the clearance rack I was thrilled.  Especially when I saw the price.  $8.00!  Whoooo hooooo!  Can you say happy dance in the aisle?  They are a size larger than I usually buy but in this instance I find this brand tends to run smaller so they fit pretty good.  Plus they have a drawstring inside the waistband.

When I came home with them and showed the girls they literally started cheering.  Then they started giving me a hard time about my old pair.  Apparently they are worse than I thought.  Okay, I knew they were bad.

There is no way I would pay $40.00 for these pants

Now the old ones are my project pants.  Delegated for painting, working on the truck, home improvement projects and messy jobs.  Which is good.  I need a pair of pants for that.

I'm so glad I waited and took my time.  As a result, I was able to get what I wanted at a price I was quite happy with.  I'll enjoy them much more having not overpaid for these pants.  This patience thing I've got going is really starting to pay off.

How about you?  What do you have in your closet that you are wearing past its prime?


  1. Terrific find on the yoga pants! I love it when I find deals like that.

    1. Awesome. Love it when I find something I need/ really want at a great price. Makes you feel like you won the savings game. I haunt our local Savers store. They have clothing with tags still on them all the time and great prices - especially on 50% off days! Great find.

    2. I got a purse there once. Brand new with the tags on it. Great place for baby and toddler clothes too.


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