Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lining Up My Little Duckies In 2015

You know, when I decided to move to Arizona I wanted my life to be completely different.  I wanted a different place to live, different stuff, a different job, a different view out my window.  I wanted a different life.  Then, as most of you know, fate seemed to step in and thwart my every attempt to leave he valley.  So I embarked on another dream of mine and we spent a year living in a 27ft RV and enjoying the tiny lifestyle.  And we really did enjoy it too.

Then fate stepped in once again and we ended up hauling our RV back to our house and moving back in on August 30th of 2014.  By this time I had a new job, had lived in a different place with a different view out my window.  But then I realized something.

I didn't really want or need a different life.  I liked the one I already had.  I wanted it back.

Once we were back in our house I got busy and made a lot of progress in the remaining four months of 2014.  But 2015 was really my year to get all of my little duckies lined up in a neat little row.  Looking back I can't believe how much the girls and I accomplished.

We finished decorating and furnishing the house, put together a sewing room last spring and a home office in December, and paid it all off interest free.  I sold some stuff on Craigslist and eBay and put those funds toward those bills as well as making monthly payments on my PayPal account.  A lot of stuff I paid cash for.

We repaired the lawn, added some landscaping and put in a garden.  The best thing ever was getting chickens back in the coop.  I love, love, love my girls and the eggs they supply us with.  After the initial investment they are pretty much self sufficient.  We sell the surplus eggs and use the proceeds for their feed and supplies.

I stocked our pantry and freezers full of food.  I mean FULL. J

My oldest got braces put on her teeth.

We all got several new pieces of clothing.  I got new bras and underwear, a pair of pajamas, six new tops and a pair of gray pants for work.  I also got a new pair of black shoes for work and a pair of tennis shoes.  The girls got new clothes for school, underwear and socks, plus winter coats, tennis shoes and winter boots.

As our budget allowed I began accumulating a few new items for camping.  We got a tent and some pillows and a couple things from the dollar store to go with what we already had in our chuck box.  We have a ways to go but it’s a start.

I have already shared with you how I paid off a huge chunk of debt.  In addition to that I also built up our savings and my retirement accounts.  At work I lobbied for and received a raise.  Then in October I applied for a new job in a different department where I work.  I got the job and now I am on a new career path, which I find kind of exciting.

Then at the end of November, as you all know, I bought a new car.  Getting the car was my final duckie.  I honestly thought it would be something I'd have to wait until spring 2016 to accomplish but then things just seemed to fall into place.

Having my little duckies lined up in a neat little row gives me great peace of mind.  I feel contentment.  I feel joy.  I feel blessed and tremendously grateful.  I am a very fortunate woman.  2015 was the best year I have had in a long time.

I'm so excited!  And I look forward to all the wonderful things 2016 holds for us.  It is going to be another great year!


  1. Congratulations on your wonderfully successful 2015. Sincere wishes for it to continue and thrive in 2016 and every year after!

    1. Thank you Anne. It was such a fantastic year I almost hated to see it go. :)

  2. So very happy for you, that 2015 was such a wonderful year. Congrats...
    Pray 2016 will be just as wonderful.

  3. Wonderful! I'm so happy for you, and hope that your good fortune continues into 2016.

    1. Thank you so very much. I wish the best for you in 2016 as well.

  4. You know I really enjoy looking back over the past year (not because everything was perfect) but I can see that progress really has been made. Sometimes it can seem agonizingly slow (as in paying off a mortgage) it is progress and definitely keeps me motivated to continue.

    1. I totally agree. Sometimes when you are in the thick of it you don't really think you are making much progress. Then you look back and go "Holy Cow!". Keep up the great work!

    2. Exactly! We are kindred spirits. :-D


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