Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Started My Christmas Shopping. Already.

When I decide to actually begin my Christmas shopping for the year is not set or planned.  It usually happens when I happen across an item I want at really good price.  This year that happened a couple of weeks ago when my youngest found a 1.5 quart slow cooker on sale at Fred Meyer for $9.99.  You just have to love Super Bowl sales. J

Last year I had mentioned to her I thought I might get one for her sister.  We looked at a few but didn't find exactly what I wanted.  I got her something else she wanted instead.

As my girls and I have been talking about preparing for college we have also discussed starting a hope chest, of sorts, to begin collecting things the girls will need when they eventually strike out on their own.  Items for their "hope chest" will be great gifts.

My oldest's mini cookware set.  So fun!

This Christmas I would like to find a chest or trunk for each one of them that they can use to hold these treasures.  I had a pair of cardboard boxes I kept in the closet of my childhood bedroom and that worked perfectly fine for me.  I would just love to get my girls something a little better.

At Shopko last week I found a small skillet with a lid for my youngest so she can now start her own set of cookware.  It was on sale for $6.99.  My oldest already has a set and she loves them.  Little sister and I had a lot of fun finding them and giving them to her for birthdays and Christmases.  Now I think it is her turn.

Just me.
I got a jumpstart on stocking stuffers too while I as there.  I found some really nice socks on clearance.  Two pair sets for $4.19.  I grabbed one for each of them.  Perfect!

I'm off to a pretty good start, I think.  How about you?  Have you done any Christmas shopping yet?  I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Wow, very impressive. I really like the idea to add to your daughter's hope chests. Honestly, I never thought of that idea but it is brilliant. I had one guess I dropped the ball for my daughter. :-(

    PS If those are your new glasses, I really like them, and if they aren't new I still really like them. :-D

    1. Thanks. I've actually had them awhile but they are my favorites. :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing about your glasses- I like them. :)
    I had started a hope chest when I was a teenager (it was actually a few boxes but I always wanted an actual antique chest.) I remember seeing a crock pot on clearance at a department store and loving the design on the side. As crazy as it seemed at the time I bought it and now, 25 years later, I use it just about every week. I am so happy that you are starting on hope chests for your girls. The best things that go in there are things that are made especially for them- I have an afghan my grandmother made for me and put in mine. :)
    Great job on the early Christmas shopping. You have me thinking now that I would be smart to start getting some things if I see a good deal here and there. :)

    1. You had boxes just like me?! Ha, ha. I think it will be a lot of fun to gather things together. I am blessed with a lot of stuff from my grandmas. I love it and really enjoy using. I have pieces from my grandma and great grandma's Revereware. Use it every day.

  3. The picture is wonderful!
    Congratulations of the Christmas start up.
    I have already started shopping for Christmas also. I found really nice boot socks for 2.50 and bought a couple of them to put back for next year. I am also picking up stocking stuffers as I find them. In addition to that I have started my Christmas fund. I try to save 20 bucks a week from my grocery budget to put back for Christmas. Most weeks I make it, but occasionally I only save 10. If so then just 10 is what goes in the fund. When I buy early gifts, I take it out of my dedicated Christmas money. So far it is working pretty well

    1. Thank you. If you only knew how much I hate to have my picture taken. I love how you set funds aside like that. It really works well. I am also glad to know I'm not the only one shopping already. :)

  4. Wow what brilliant ideas, i especially like the thought of starting a hope chest for the kids. My kids are teenagers so will be setting up homes next time I blink and would be good to have all the basics that they will need. I think its a great idea to start christmas shopping early in the sales.

    Lisa @ Westing House Small Appliances


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