Monday, January 25, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday I made two loaves of whole wheat bread.

I printed off a new Pantry List and started working on my grocery list for next month.

I went to ShopKo with the idea of checking out their clearance rack for some good buys on socks.  I needed some new socks and I wanted to get a few pairs to set aside as stocking stuffers for my girls.  I found exactly what I wanted and much more.  I even found some more Easter basket items too.

I did some Christmas shopping!  I know, I know, Christmas already?  I'm crazy like that and I'll be posting more about this a little later as well as some of the other things I got.

Tuesday night while my eldest was at the university the youngest and I ran errands.  First I picked up my new prescription sunglasses. The EOB from my insurance company had come in the mail on Monday.  I determined they had overcharged me $44 and that my insurance covered everything in full so I made sure I was refunded before I left.  Yaaaaay!  An extra $44 in my pocket isn’t a bad thing at all!

Afterward we did a little bit of grocery shopping.  This week I focused more on the non-food items:

Walgreens had the laundry detergent we use on sale for $1.49.  I still had an extra bottle plus the nearly full one I am currently using.  Adding these two means I am pretty well stock up on detergent for the year.

While there I grabbed two more packs of gum on sale.  I used two coupons making my final price 29¢ each.  Into the Easter basket stash!

Albertson's had their Progresso soup on sale for 99¢ a can.  I had a coupon for $1 OFF 4.  I bought five cans in order to get bonus box tops for my daughter's school.  Five cans of clam chowder for$ 3.96, not too shabby.  I also found a bag of bagel in the markdown bin for 99¢.  I love bagels for breakfast.

We hit up the dollar store on the way back to campus and I picked up two boxes of food storage bags and a big bottle of fabric softener.  The fabric softener works pretty well and doesn't have an overpowering scent like a lot of them do.  Plus at $1 you can beat that.  I also picked up four packets of seeds for the garden.  They were 4/$1.

I washed out a gallon size and a quart size Ziploc bag to reuse. 

Dollar store finds

I composted coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and onion skins.  We fed our kitchen scraps to the chickies and in turn they blessed us with a dozen eggs.  I took them a stale heal of French bread and they were so excited you would have thought I really brought them something extra special.

I sold a dozen eggs to our next door neighbor.  The hens are earning money toward their next bag of feed.  Yay!

Enjoying some sunshine

Since the temperatures are slated to be in the forties the next week or so I dropped the thermostat on the main heat down 5° to economize on the heat bill.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Miss Thrifty, you keep doing such a great job. Love it. We are busy eating through our pantry and freezer, no shopping, a lot of baking and cooking though. :-D

    1. You are so sweet to say that. I'm hoping for no shopping this week and eating just what we have on hand. Good for you for doing that and you do it very well too. :)

  2. Oh I wish I lived next to you as I am looking for a source of local eggs. Can't get more local than next door!

    1. They are so good too. Farm fresh. I do keep my neighbors happy.


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