Friday, January 22, 2016

How I Make Throw Pillows Without A Form

Pillow forms can be downright pricey, but you can still make your own throw pillow without one.  I came up with this simple technique many, many years ago.  Someone else may do it this way too, so I won't claim to be the one and only.  But I find it works really, really well.

After completing the pillow front I cut the back to match as well as two pieces of quilt batting the same size.

With right sides together stitch around the edges and leave an opening at the bottom of the pillow about 4 to 6 inches wide.  After stitching around the edges I trim the seam, primarily the batting to remove the bulk.  Trim the corner too and turn right side out.  I re-use the batting I trimmed away and add it to the Poly-fil stuffing.  No waste.

I stuff the pillows with lots of stuffing.  This is not the time to be skimpy.  The layer of batting lining the pillows combined with plenty of stuffing keeps the pillows from being lumpy.  Once the pillows are adequately stuffed, whipstitch the opening closed and fluff them.  

I made these as a Christmas gift for some very close friends of ours.

Ta da!


  1. Love them! I like this tutorial- thank you for posting it. I have some fabric quarters that I would like to use to make pillows for my daughter's bedroom. (I live those fabric quarters you can pick up at Walmart for $1.00!!) I will definitely refer back to these helpful instructions when I am making the pillows! :)

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