Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm Still Stocking Up On $5 A Week

Last year I wrote this post about my plans to stock up on $5 a week to see if I could make the kind of progress I hoped I could and not feel it quite so much.  Well guess?  It worked pretty slick, I tell you.  We did so well with it that I am still reaping the benefits so I decided I'm going to keep on trucking!

You wouldn't think that you could make much of a difference with just $5 a week which averages only $20 to $25 a month, but it really does!  I'll admit, I went into last year a bit skeptical, but I was also hopeful and determined.

The reason it worked out so well for me is that I love a challenge.  Give me $5 and tell me I have to get as much of one thing as I can for that 5 bucks and my creative juices get to flowing.

I shopped the sales and stocked up on the loss leaders.
I used coupons along with the items on sale to really stretch my $5
I shopped at places other than my regular grocery store - Outlet Market & Dollar Tree
I saved up  my $5 for  two or three weeks and bought in bulk at Cash & Carry

I had a list and I marked items off and put the prices down too.  I found that frequently I came in under the $5 which allowed me to compensate on the weeks I went a little bit over.  It all worked out.

What do you think?  Would setting aside $5 a week from your grocery budget to use only for stocking up be a benefit to you?  Have any of you tried it?


  1. I have never tried that... for some reason I have this weird mindset that having more than one of something is a waste... like it might go bad or something! When you buy rice and beans and stuff like that do you store them in the freezer or airtight containers or do you just leave them in the bags?

    Now that I asked that question it makes me think that a post about how you store your bulk items might be fun! Have you done that before?


    1. I have done a post about that awhile back (might be time for an update) but to answer your question I keep my rice and beans in half gallon Mason jars. I keep my flours in the deep freeze. The nice thing about $5 a week is I don't buy too much.


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