Friday, February 26, 2016

Why I Like to Print My Coupons Online

Or another thought… why use coupons at all?

Over the years I've gone both ways.  Use coupons a lot.  Don't use them at all.  Use them sometimes.  For me, I find they work best sometimes.

I didn't go nuts and join the extreme coupon craze but I will admit I like watching the show.  I felt for those poor cashiers, especially when shoppers lost it because things didn’t ring up how they thought it should or they had miscalculated.

But in the real world where I prefer to eat real food extreme couponing would never have worked for me.  I don't like to eat all the processed stuff.

My favorite coupons are store issued coupons that come in their weekly sales fliers.  I find I use those the most.  And Fred Meyer is kind enough to send me coupons in the mail from time to time too.

Sunday mornings I like to read the Fred Meyer and Walgreen's ads.  Then if I go and check out to see if they have any coupons I might use to pair with sales.  Sales repeat often enough that I can usually plan on one coming up in time to use a coupon before it expires.

I print them off in sets of three off in sets of 3 because that is how many fit on a sheet of paper.  Lately I've been using scrap paper so I am saving just a little bit more that way.  Even though there is printer ink involved I still feel I'm saving more over paying $2 a week for the Sunday paper.

With the Sunday paper it's more like playing roulette anyway because sometimes there aren't coupons in the paper or they aren't ones I would normally use.  In that case it is a complete waste of money, not to mention paper.  Selecting and printing them online means I can be more selective and quite I can print 2 or 3 of the same one before I max out my limit.

Do you use coupons?  How do you get yours?


  1. I too, like to print my coupons. I use to buy the Sunday papers, but as you said, You never know whats in it?
    If I print coupons. I can choose what coupons I will actually use.


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