Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Latest Home Improvement Project - The Toilet Seat!

It just doesn't get a whole lot more exciting than this folks!  But the toilet seat in the downstairs bathroom has been replaced. 

The old one was looking pretty worn and ratty.  It had chips all over the lid and the underside of the seat.  The lid looked ugly enough on its own, but the underside of the seat was getting stained and hard to clean.  I'll spare you the picture of that.  Some things should remain a secret.

Fortunately toilet seats aren't too terribly expensive, however they can be if you want to get all technical and fancy.  Since I am still capable of lifting and lowering my own lid myself and do not require a light in the middle of the night (although I do see the value of that if you have men in the house) I opted for a rather low-tech model.  The basic white.

The job itself was pretty darn easy.  I removed the old seat by popping open the little trap doors on the hinges with a flat blade screwdriver and removed the two screws simply by turning the nuts from underneath.  Once the old seat was off I carted it directly to the trash can.  Good riddance!

Then I gave the bowl a good scrubbing because, let's face it, it is going to be a long time before I get to do so while so unencumbered, don't you know.  One mustn't waste the opportunity.

The new seat went on just like the old one came off.  Only in reverse, of course.  J

Total time spent, including scrubbing the bowl - 10 minutes!  But Wow!  What a difference a shiny new seat makes.  And boy is it shiny too.  Amazing how much better it looks.  And another item crossed of the good 'ol To Do list!


  1. I remember years ago when I kept on bugging my husband to replace the toilet seat. Never having done it myself or really taking the time to figure it out, I thought it was a huge task. After waiting way too long for it to get done, I went out and bought a new toilet seat myself and geared myself up for a whole afternoon of reading instructions and having to search for tools that had to do with plumbing. I laughed at myself for days when I realized how easy and quick it was to change the toilet seat. Since then I have made it a point to research what needs to be done before I make a big deal out of it in my head or ask for help. :)

    1. I totally understand doing that. You just shake your head in amazement don't you? My biggest thing was to simply get over my fear of trying. Once I did that I became a whole lot more productive. Funny how that works.

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