Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Embellished Sheet Set - Super Simple!

If you are looking for a great gift idea or just want to spruce up a set of sheets you already have this is a simple way to accomplish just that and it doesn't take much time either.  I happen to have a ton of lace trim in my sewing stash.  Some of it I bought in lots on eBay, some came from a big bag of goodies I bought at a thrift store and some was given to me.  Now I want to get busy and use this stuff.

I bought a full size set of white cotton sheets that were on sale at Fred Meyer last week.  I love that the more you wash a set of cotton sheets the softer they get.  I paid $34.99 for this set, but there are less expensive options like a cotton blend or microfiber if this is too much for you.  Just watch the sales.  I happened to have a gift card from Christmas to use for this purchase, which made it very nice.

First things first you have to wash the sheets.  Warm water a little soap and fabric softener and run them through the dryer.  If they are going to shrink at all you want them to do that before you add anything to them.  You also want to remove the sizing that is often on them when they are manufactured.

Next press them.  Yeah, I love to iron (not) so this was the highlight of this project for me.  But to be honest I have to say they sure look nice once they are pressed.

This set happened to have the perfect little flap along the hem of the flat sheet and both pillowcases.  So I took the lace, making sure to measure it first so I knew I had enough to complete the project, and just tucked the edge under that flap and pinned it into place.  I used lots of pins so nothing would slip.

On the flat sheet I removed a few stitches so I could finish the ends nicely.  Then I selected my favorite decorative stitch, a wandering vine, and sewed right across the top of that flap and the top edge of the lace.

Close up - kind of hard to see with all the white on white

When I was done I hand stitched the ends so everything was neatly finished and secure.  Then I pressed the pillowcases and the top of the flat sheet once again before I stood back and admired my handiwork.  I love it!

Simple little touches that add so much and make a plain set of sheet just a little bit nicer.

While I was at it I made this cute little throw pillow
using a piece of pink chenille I had in my stash.


  1. Love this! Your sheets set came out lovely- there's just something about lace, so dainty!
    This just got put on my list of Christmas gifts to make for my daughter!
    Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. She would love a set like this! I am looking for a set of pink sheets now. Do you know how hard it is to find pastel colors? Currently not the style, I suppose.

  2. That is just so pretty!
    I have been shopping for sheets lately. Try Overstock.com they are having sales and have multitudes of colors and fabrics.


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