Monday, June 13, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Our first full week of summer vacation was so nice.  And quiet.  I've been in heaven.

Our summer heat hit us all at once with temperatures reaching the high nineties then cooling down some toward the end of the week.  We normally don't need to put in the A/C until 4th of July weekend but they are installed now.  We've run them upstairs only from about noon until 9:00 at night when it is scorching hot out.  In the mornings I have been opening the back door and windows.  I've been setting a box fan in front of the door to suck in the fresh cool morning air.

I used items I already had on hand to repair a broken closet door.  It is one of those sliding mirrored doors and not only had it come derailed but the frame was broken on one side.  I managed to repair the frame and get the mirror back into it without breaking it (nerve wracking) and then I reinforced it so it would hold.  Next I got it back on the track, leveled and now it slides.  So nice to have that eyesore taken care of and the final repair left from our rental days is now complete.  Total cost for this repair $0!

We completely abandoned the meal plan this week and I pulled out odds and ends of things I'd stashed in our freezer in the kitchen.  That freezer was really full.  It was a fun week of unexpected impromptu  meals and I was very happy to get these things eaten up so they didn't freezer burn and go to waste.  The girls and I enjoyed leftovers from these meals for our lunches all week long.

Wednesday after I got home from work the girls and I headed off to the library.  We turned in our books and checked out new ones to read.  Along the way we stopped and dropped off the pile of items we had purged in our cleaning frenzy the week prior.  Nice to have all of that stuff out of the house.

We  bottled my latest batch of homebrew which yielded twenty 16 oz. bottles.  My girls love to help me fill those bottles.  I also started a second batch that will be ready to bottle in a couple of weeks.  Plenty to enjoy and share with my friends when they come over this summer.

I washed out several Ziploc bags and hung them to dry on a hanger in the laundry room to reuse.  I squeezed out every last bit of toothpaste from the tube before tossing it.  I also used us the very last of a bottle of lotion I had sitting upside down on my desk for several weeks.

I thoroughly enjoyed a no spend week.  Seems like forever since that has happened.  I hope to have a lot more no spend weeks as time goes on.  With some low spend weeks tucked in between.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I cut off my tubes about 2" from the opening, use a dry! toothbrush to get every bit out. Don't use a wet toothbrush-too messy. I also cut off lotions too. I washed out many zip locs, rinsed out my detergent bottle, made strips from my scrap tshirt pile to tie up tomato plants, used sand paper to smooth out a chip on a pie plate. Will be going to the $Store in the next few days, after I write my shopping list. Have a happy week. Enjoy reading you!

    1. Those are some great thrifty moves! Keep up the great work.

  2. Proud you had a good summer week.. YOur doing a great job on saving..


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