Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Now That School Is Out

Phew!  We made it to the end.  Although it seems like it came to an end quickly it also feels like it was a whole lot of work getting here.  Right to the bitter end.  But here we are.

The last day of school here was on Thursday June 2.  I have this little routine I go through every year on the last day of school and this year was no exception.

Leftover supplies to sort through

I literally start getting ready for the first day of school on the last day of school.  We unload the backpacks and go through and sort out the remaining school supplies they have dragged home.  Backpacks then get washed and if needed, repaired.  We go through our school supply bin to see what we have and what we might need.  Then we make a list.  Once the backpacks are dry we fill them back up with new school supplies.  I like to put them on hangers and hang them up in the girl's closets.  Their insulated lunch boxes washed and air dried as well.

The next thing we did, and the biggest part of the project, was to go through all of their clothes, shoes and winter coats, hats and gloves.  My oldest hands down items to the youngest and the big clothing shift from winter to summer takes place.  I also make a list of items we need to replace. We filled up three kitchen sized trash bags with items to donate to the thrift store.

Another load of donations for the thrift store 

As we worked we spring cleaned each of the girl's bedrooms.  Pulling everything out of the closets so we could wiped down the dusty shelves and closet rods.  Then everything went back in place all organized and thinned out.  It makes for a hard day of work but well worth it.

At this point we are pretty much done and our attention now has turned to enjoying our summer, which is exactly what we are doing. J  Throughout the summer I'll keep my list handy and pick up the things on there when I find a good buy.  As I acquire schools supplies, the items still needed will go directly into the backpacks.  I'll also buy some extra to replenish the school supply bin.  I find the best prices on school and office supplies at the start of August so it is also a good time to stock up on what I need too. 

Clearance sales start right away on sport shoes and clothing.  I've already taken advantage of some of those sales already.  In July summer clothes go on clearance and that is a good time to add to their wardrobes in anticipation of next summer and get new swimwear.

Now for some fun!


  1. SO smart... to get all the end of school work done.. and then you know what you need... and have your list.
    Now.. you and the girls can just enjoy your summer and have fun..

    1. And we are too. :) A lot of work up front but we are glad to have it done!


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