Thursday, June 30, 2016

My July Meal Plan

We have decided, after a family meeting where we discussed the topic at length, to try a new approach to our meal planning.  I love to meal plan and I've been doing it for years and years, but there is always room for improvement and sometimes change is good.

Instead of having such a structured menu we are going to try something a little differently throughout the rest of the summer and into September.  Three months is a good amount of time to give this idea a chance and see if it works for us.

So the plan is… there is no set plan.

We are going to create our meals based on a meal plan criteria as follows:

The Base:  (the main part of what is on our plate):

Freshly prepared salad greens or steamed vegetables

Salads and vegetables will be prepared based on what I buy on sale and what happens to be on sale and in season.  The emphasis will be on purchasing mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and some frozen or canned.

Protein:  (roughly the size of a deck of cards)
Lean steak, ground beef, pork or chicken

Starch:  (for myself this one will be limited)
Rice, pasta, potato, bread

Fats: (in moderation)
Salad dressing
Sour cream

Water (a lot)

The goal for us it to eat "cleaner" and more simply.  Occasionally we plan to throw in a pizza every now and then.  Our eating plan isn't about deprivation at all, but about making better choices.  We recognize the girls need more fiber, fruits and vegetables in their diet and we are planning to really work on that.

Fortunately we are big water drinkers around here so that is never a problem.  The girls still drink milk and occasionally juice, while I do not.  My milk consumption is pretty much what I put on my cereal.  I do often eat homemade yogurt.

So here is the Plan


Garlic Shrimp                                                
Stuffed Bell Pepper
Teriyaki Salmon                                           
Herbed Chicken Breast
Grilled Steak                                                  
Ground Pork or Beef Patty
Buffalo Chicken Breast Strips                    
Ham & Egg Scramble
Taco Meat                                                      
Turkey Wraps
Omelet w/ Cheese                                         
Asian Garlic Chicken
Pork Chops                                                     
Poached or Hard Cooked Eggs


Taco Soup                                                     
Coconut Curry
Italian Black Bean                                        
Tomato Basil

So there you are.  We'll see how it works and I'll report in and let you know.


Your kind comments are always appreciated. I love hearing from you.

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