Monday, April 2, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning I was up and moving by 7:00 am.  I went outside to shake a rug and noticed some tiny white flakes landing on my arm.  It was beginning to snow and boy howdy did it!  It snowed for a good four hours and dumped a good two inches of fluffy white stuff.  Then by noon it warmed up and it had all melted away by mid afternoon.  Now that's a good snowstorm in my book.  Plus, I didn't have to drive in it.

I put a big pot roast into my largest slow cooker and let it go all day on high.  That kept us going pretty much most of the week.  Yum!

I had slacked off a bit with my household chores during the previous week so I got my butt in gear and played a little bit of catch up.  Then I got my Sunday chores done by dusting and vacuuming the entire downstairs, including the ceiling fan.  Still motivated I mopped all of the tile floors before doing my other Sunday chore - laundry.

I sorted papers, again.  I tossed and recycled most of the paper clutter and came up with a small stack to go in the firepot next time I decide to start a fire out on the deck.

The girls spent Sunday afternoon volunteering to serve lunch at a local women's shelter.  I'm so proud of them for doing this.  And it was all their idea too!

Such hard work being a kitty cat

The rest of the week our weather improved daily.  Monday my youngest had to have one final tooth pulled.  Her orthodontist tried, but could not make room for it so out it came.  She did really well with the extraction and I did better this time too, ha!

Still have my crafting station set up

Tuesday I took my oldest in for her final "teenager" vaccine.  I've had both of my girls receive the HPV series and the Meningococcal series and she still had one Meningococcal vaccine left to get.  She is all done and very happy about that.  The youngest has to wait another year and a half to receive her last one for it to be most effective.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday was the Idaho Regional F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition which took up the last of the week.  We did get home in time on Saturday however to dye Easter eggs.  The girls still enjoy doing that.

White lunch bags, Easter stickers, recycled Christmas bows
and handmade Easter themed gift tags - turned out pretty cute!

Throughout the week I managed to get Easter cards sent out to some relatives and make some gift bags for my girls and a basket for their grandparents.

I worked longer hours than usual last week as well as half of Saturday and put in some good overtime which I'll be happy with when I see my next paycheck.

This guy knows the best place to a nap

Surprise!  I did not do any grocery shopping the final week of March.  After all that marathon shopping I was pretty happy to take a break from it to be perfectly honest.  Come to think of it I didn't do any shopping all week.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Cats are my favourite. Ours is a big black boy called Joseph.

    1. Mine too. Our black guy is Henry and the gray tabby is Stella. Our orange tabby is Leonard. Henry is 19 years old!

  2. The Easter bags for your daughters are cute!

    1. Thanks. I had fun making them up and my daughters really liked them.

  3. We mostly focused on the basics: only driving our electric car (charge for free at work), no eating out (we did eat out 1x, with a gift card), making meals at home, eating up leftovers, etc. I also sold a couple of things, so it was a typical week.

  4. It is wonderful that your daughters volunteered their time to serve others!

    1. They made me very proud and they really enjoyed it too.

  5. The teenage vaccinations my daughter had to get seemed like too much, but thank goodness we have them. What I didn't like was that the college requirement for my daughter was that the meningitis shot had to have been taken after a certain age - I think it was 16, or else they have to take it again. So she had to get another one.


    1. It is almost as bad as when they were babies. My oldest is 17 and just had her meningitis shot. She is all set for college, vaccination wise anyway. Now onto financial aid/scholarship applications. I think that is more painful. ;)

  6. I love those Easter bags that you cute!


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