Monday, April 9, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday was Easter!  And it was a really nice day for our little family.  I hosted dinner and no surprise I served up a lovely roasted turkey breast and all the trimmings.  It was my first holiday meal to prepare since I started my keto journey and it turned out great.  No one was disappointed or felt like they were missing anything and keto was a big topic of conversation at the dinner table too.

We had plenty of leftovers from Easter Dinner which I really appreciated on Monday since I was late getting home from work.  We all just filled a plate and heated it up when we were hungry which made for a very easy night.

I stopped in at Albertsons after work on Tuesday to pick up butter that was on sale.  I perused the markdown meat bin and found steaks and burger patties including a rib eye for 5 bucks!  Rib eye is my favorite cut and I was super excited about that.

Thursday after hitting up the orthodontist's office for my oldest to get a new retainer we stopped on the way home at Fred Meyer to pick up milk, blackberries and cheese that was on sale dirt cheap.  We also found some markdown yogurt for the girl's lunches as well as some rolls and bagels.

With all of my marathon shopping I did last month I completely forgot about using my $10 budget to add to the school lunch bin and it was looking pretty thin.  I added that $10 to this month's budget and picked up two bags of assorted packages of chips on sale for $5.99 each.  Since they don't eat chips every day this should get us through the end of the school year, no problem and I still had some $$ to add a few more items.

After work on Friday we hit up the dollar store to see what they had to offer.  I was able to add a box of Little Debbie donuts and a package of individually wrapped cookies.  They desperately needed to stock their shelves so we didn't get much on that trip.

Saturday arrived and for the first time in a long time we didn't need to go anywhere or do anything.  So we STAYED HOME.  It was really nice.

I washed out some gallon sized Ziploc bags to reuse.

I worked a small amount of overtime.

We gave our kitchen scraps to our hens and added coffee grounds, eggs shells and onion skins to our compost bin.  We set out a very full recycle bin and a nearly empty trash bin at the curb last week.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I was just at the Dollar Store yesterday, for a calculator and their shelves were bare, too! AND no calculators! But I was able to pick up a few simple items that were also on my list.

    1. They had a help wanted sign up so I figured they were shorthanded. Loads of boxes stacked everywhere but only one guy was stocking shelves.

  2. At first I thought, "potato chips to last to the end of the school year?" and then I remembered it's only two months away! It''s going by so fast, it seems as I've gotten older, time seems to go faster!

    I like your Easter napkin folding :)

    I hope this comment takes, the last one I tried disappeared. My computer has been acting wacky lately.


    1. My oldest folded the Easter napkins. She's so talented. I know, only two more months of school. Time does go faster as we age, I think so too.

  3. This was a pretty thrifty week here, although I did get takeout Chinese last night for dinner.
    Love the napkin fold!

  4. Those are some really nice deals, especially on the yogurt. I'm pretty sure either Savingstar or Ibotta had a rebate on the yogurt, so be sure to check if you use either of those grocery apps.

  5. Looks like a good shopping week. I bought a ribeye for hubby and I last week, from the mark downs too. Oh it was so delicious. (we started the low carb thing again last week)

    1. Oh good for you. I bet that was a yummy steak. Mine is in the freezer right now but it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. We can all be low carb buddies. ;)


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