Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Babies Are Growing Up

The chicks are growing fast.  This past weekend we moved them to the larger dog crate in our garage and they seem to be really enjoying themselves.  Especially as we can open the door and they get fresh air and sunshine. 

Not to mention more space and we added a roost for when they are ready to give that a try.

Nothing goes to waste around here that's for sure

I recycled the box our range hood came in.  The sides I cut to use as liners underneath the pine shavings and the flaps I used to go all the way around the edges to help contain the shavings.  I used twist ties to secure them.

I hung the bigger feeder from the side and found a box the perfect size to set the water feeder on.  I put a big rock inside of it so they can't flip it when they jump on it.  Because you know they are going to.

Sun bathing

Swankier digs for our teenage chickens.  Oh how quickly they grow up (sniff).


  1. You are very resourceful and those chickens are very spoiled already. ;) Isn't it fun to see how quickly they change? :)

    1. It isn't long before they start to look like chickens. So much fun!


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