Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March Thrifty Wrap Up

Coming into March after such a great February I was blessed to have money left from my income tax refund to start the month off with.  I am really happy with how I allocated that refund this year as 80% of it ended up in my savings account  I used 10% to pay some bills and then the rest, as you know, was spent stocking up on groceries and non food items.  It feels really good knowing our home is well stocked and well supplied.

I also used some of my tax refund to purchase supplies to improve our chicken coop making it more secure against predators.

This should last us well into 2019

My first paycheck was used to pay the usual monthly expenses ahead of their due dates which is my preference.  I filled up the gas tank on my car too.  The second paycheck took care of the mortgage almost three weeks ahead of its due date and the last of the bills as well as our regular grocery budget.

In addition to adding my tax refund to my savings accounts I also added to my retirement and savings accounts as I usually do each payday.

Lots of grocery shopping in March

I spent just under $200 stocking up the pantry and our chest freezer the first half of the month.  I then spent our usual $150 budget topping it off.  Our fridge is full, our freezers are full and there is plenty in the pantry.  Additionally, I was able to stock up on laundry and cleaning supplies as well as cat food, treats and litter.

We dined out only once, again using extra cash from my tax refund.  I also used a digital coupon and we all three ate at our favorite little pizza place for under $20.  The girls were able to have plenty of pizza and pasta and we all enjoyed the salad bar.

I'm putting March in the books as another successful thrifty and financially productive month.  Now for April!


  1. Kudos to you for paying your bills ahead of time!

    You did well by how you allocated your tax refund. And I'm in awe that you only ate out once for the entirety of March. Fantastic!


  2. You did really well, especially adding to your accounts! I finally got our taxes done and e filed last night. What a relief that was. I know I need to use at least part of it to get new glasses and have an eye exam so I am looking at online deals to get my glasses through and save some money there.

    1. Isn't it a relief to get that chore done each year? I hope you find a good deal on your glasses.


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