Monday, April 23, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning I woke up just a little bit stiff and sore having used some muscles the day before on my kitchen projects.  But it was that really good soreness you get when you know you did something great, so it was appreciated.  Nonetheless I took it a bit easier and spent most of my day on much smaller projects like moving the chicks out to the garage and setting up their new digs.  I pretty much spent the entire day with my chickens.  That made Edith pretty happy.

The hens are doing really well out in their coop with no signs so far of any raccoon shenanigans.  A friend of mine who raised chickens in the country where raccoons were a problem inspected my work and felt pretty confident my girls would be safe.  I continue with my daily inspections.

That afternoon I made a big pot of beanless chili for my youngest, it's her favorite and I can eat it too.  I did heat up a container of pinto beans I had in the freezer so my oldest could have hers with the beans.  I used ground turkey I bought on sale at Albertsons to make the chili and no big surprise, there were not a lot of leftovers.  There was enough left for a couple of lunches and that was it.  I think my girls were hungry for some good homemade chili.

Tuesday I made carne asada and some homemade guacamole to go with it.  I had dinner all prepared and ready before I had to head out and pick up the youngest from cheer practice.  Good thing because she was "starving" when I got there.

Wednesday was our craziest day.  I made turkey burgers for our dinner and then I made a to-go bag for the youngest.  We picked her up and she ate in the car on the way to my oldest's band concert.  Some days are just like that.  Can I tell you that was their best concert performance so far?  Wow!

Thursday the oldest had band festival all day and the youngest another late cheer practice.

Friday the cheer team had a big performance at the high school.  Only one more week to go and cheer season is over.  It is a long season that began in August with a lot of practices, performances and ball games.  These girls are certainly dedicated, that's for sure.

But after a busy and full week we had the weekend off again and nice weather to boot.  So we headed outdoors for some fresh air and spring cleaned the yard.  Finally!

I rinsed out a laundry detergent bottle to get every last bit of soap out of it.

I used canning jars and parmesan cheese lids I'd saved to store salt, garlic and dried basil I purchased from the bulk bin at Winco.  I used another canning jar and a peanut butter lid I'd saved to store rendered bacon fat in the refrigerator.

My Fred Meyer Friday freebies!  Kettle chips, protein bar, seeds & gum.

I gave our kitchen scraps to the chickens.  I composted egg shells, onion skins and coffee grounds.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Nice week! I like beanless chili best too.

  2. Great job coming up with such delicious and healthy meals for such a busy week!

    1. Thank you Leigh. I think it would be a lot harder if I didn't enjoy cooking so much.


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