Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Trip To Goodwill

I had an entirely different set of plans for my Saturday, but I woke up to rain and decided a change of plans would be required.  Instead of working in the yard I switched gears entirely.  My oldest had a physics study group meeting at the high school so rather than drop her off and head back home I decided to head to the mall instead.  I had $10 OFF coupons for JC Penney and you all know how I like to use those up!  I'll share how that trip to the mall worked out later in the week, but after the mall I hit up Goodwill and holy moly am I glad I did!

Brand new Givenchy bag $2!

My plan at Goodwill was to see if I could find some components for a Christmas gift I'm getting ready to work on and as luck would have it I found exactly what I was hoping to find.  When I arrived I found that everything in the store was 50% OFF.  Yippeeee!

Coach bag $7.50! 
My oldest thinks she needs this

My first find was a Coach purse in excellent condition for $14.99.  At half price that made it $7.50!  My next find was a suede purse in mint condition I thought would be perfect for one of my daughters for $3.99 but half price for $2.  And then I found a Givenchy bag with the tags still on it for $4.99 that I got for $2.50.  A quick look on eBay and the Givenchy bag is currently listed, used, for $63!

Grab bag of assorted goodies - $1

Box of miniature ornaments - 50¢
I thought these would be nice for crafts and decorating gifts

Brand new assortment of gift boxes - 50¢

Next up was the Christmas aisle where I found some gift boxes, same ones I paid $4 for at Walmart, in a bag for .99¢ that I got for 50¢, a fun little grab bag of miscellaneous stuff for $1.99 that I got for $1 and a brand new box of miniature ornaments that I thought would be fun for crafts for 99¢ that I got for 50¢.  Plus three items I needed for the gift project (don't want to give away secrets) that were 99¢ each that I paid 50¢ each for.  That made me pretty darn happy.

It was Half Price Day!!!

Then I headed over to clothing with the idea I'd get my oldest some shorts for summer.  It didn't stop there.  I ended up going through every aisle finding lots of great clothes new or like new condition for my girls.  Needless to say, back to school shopping will be a breeze this summer!

Looks great on her and she loves it - $4

I even found my youngest a winter coat from Aeropostle that looks like new for $7.99 so that means I paid $4!  It just needs a button sewn back on.  She absolutely loves it!

Capris $2, J Crew black jeans $4, Old Navy jeans $3

Along with the coat I found her two pair of jeans and a pair of capris.

$1, $2 and $1

Three tops.

$2 each - like new condition!

And two sweaters.

Shorts $2 and $2.50
Aeropostle jeans $4, Flying Monkey jeans $4 and Gap jeans $2.50

My oldest ended up with three pair of jeans and two pair of shorts.  She was in much need of some newer jeans and summer shorts.  At the mall I had found her some shorts on sale for $14.99 a pair, but I wasn't willing to buy those at the time until I checked out the thrift store and I'm sure glad I did.  I ended up getting all of this for the same price as one pair of shorts.  And they are all the brands that are popular amongst the teens these days too.

Mossimo $1 and Gap $2

I found her a couple of tops.

Michael Kors $2

And I found her two cute summer dresses that I knew she would like.  One is a Michael Kors that was $3.99 and I got it for $2.

We found these cuties last year.  Brand new - $7.99

The dress looks great with these shoes we found at Goodwill last year.  Brand new and we paid $7.99.

Express - $2

The other one, my favorite, came from Express and it was also $3.99 and I paid $2.  So cute!

Coldwater Creek - $2.50

I even found myself a little sweater, in like new condition, for $4.99 so I paid $2.50.  I was looking for one earlier that day at J C Penney like this and didn't find one.  I was pretty happy to find this one.

Right now is a great time to shop for off season clothing.  Most people are looking at summer stuff so the coats, jeans, long sleeved tops and sweaters are well priced and the selection is really good.  So if you need school clothes or think you might need something for fall and winter consider shopping for it right now at a thrift store.  You'll spend a whole lot less than at the mall.  That's for sure.


  1. WOW! I am impressed with all your great finds!

    - Molly

  2. Awesome finds! I love both dresses, but that Michael Kors one has my name written all over it...lol. You found some really cute stuff. Way to go!

  3. Wow! you got some terrific finds at the GW.

  4. SCORE!!! I showed up to Value Village once when everything was 50% off. It was incredible! Congrats on these awesome deals.

  5. What a haul! You found some gorgeous stuff at such giveaway prices! The thrifts in our area don't have such nice stuff....I'm going to have to venture out to different areas to see what I can find... :-)

  6. Wow! that coat is beautiful and I love the Michael Kors dress. Those floral shoes are wonderful and I read they are supposed to be very trendy this year! SCORE!

    1. The coat is really nice. I wish they made a grown up version for me! :)

  7. So many great finds--I'm really impressed. But I have to tell you, such pretty daughters will make any outfit look wonderful!

    1. Ohhhhh, you are so sweet to say that. I won't argue. ;)

  8. You got some screaming deals and the girls look gorgeous in their new stuff. :) I do love a good thrift store trip!

    1. Thanks Debbie. I was super excited with all my finds. And my girls were just thrilled with everything.


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