Monday, May 14, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday I woke up tired.  All of the flowerbed rehabbing leading up to prom preparations left this girl plum tuckered out.  What I needed was a day of rest, but that wasn't how it ended up.  Instead my oldest daughter and her boyfriend offered to help me replace the remaining busted fence post leftover from the harsh winter of 2017.  And I wasn't about to turn down good help.  It took us three hours to dig up all of the concrete used to plant and repair that fence post from 20+ years ago, but we got it done and now my fence is straight and sturdy.  Best of all I no longer have that chore hanging over my head waiting to be done.  I had planned to get it replaced last summer but ran out of steam.  I had already purchased the replacement post, so for this project there was no extra cash out of pocket and no extra trips for supplies.  We already had everything we needed to get the job done, which made it really nice.

You might be able to tell in the top picture how the fence leaned a little bit
Not anymore!

After fence post work I poured a bag of top soil into the chicken's pen area so they would have some fresh dirt to scratch around in and dust.  Boy, oh boy, did my girls love that!

My youngest working on homework

Monday I headed back to work where I could get plenty of rest at my desk!  I had the opportunity to work quite a bit of overtime last week which was much appreciated as I have next year's cheerleader fees  for my youngest to pay in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday evening the oldest and I cleaned up around the pond and trimmed the shrubs.  Mostly we sat around and gabbed.  It was fun to work together and visit while tackling that project.  I loved it!  We still have a little more work to do but we made some great progress.

I started a new wellness program at work a couple weeks ago.  Working toward some new gift cards!  Yay!  One of the activities I chose this time is financial wellness and one of the tasks was to check our state unclaimed property site.  I've done that in the past a few times and come up empty, but guess what?  This time I was on there and yesterday I received a check from the great State of Idaho for $8!  No idea what it was for or why it was owed to me, but I'm eight bucks richer!  I plan to put it into my savings account.

Wednesday I came home from work and did a fat load of nothing!

Thursday evening was my oldest's final band concert of the school year.  After supper we headed over to the high school for a fantastic evening of music followed by their end of year awards ceremony.  It was a magnificent evening!

Friday I took the girls to Red Robin for hamburgers.  They were having a special on their Tavern style double burgers and bottomless fries for only $6.99 and I just happened to have a $25 gift card.  They enjoyed their burgers while I enjoyed the keto friendly Avo Cob O salad.  It was really good!  Our only cost out of pocket was the wonderful waiter's tip.  Love it when you get good service!

Saturday did not go at all as planned.  I had a completely different idea of what I was going to do that day, but plans change and you just have to roll with it.  As it turned out, the new plan was a good one and I'll share with you tomorrow how that all played out.  If I tell you now this post will be way too long.  So check back and see how I spent my Saturday.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I love that you got $8 from the state!!! Go you! The fence looks great.

  2. Yay on the extra money.

    We love Red Robin. The Tavern double burgers are part of the regular menu (always $6.99) and they have quite a selection. Did you know that you can get free extra fries (even when you get carry out) and bottomless drinks at RR?

    I like to turn my earned Walmart gcs into RR gcs at Sams (online). They have a $50 pack for $42.78. So free food for us.

    1. Oh really? The email I got made it sound like it was a special. Cool! Oh my girls know all about their fries! Ha, ha. They even got a to-go box of them to bring home.

    2. Lol... we do the same thing with the fries. We go about once a month and always get the Tavern double burgers. I don't eat that much, so this is the perfect size for me. I just replace my fries with a salad (it's free).


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