Thursday, May 17, 2018

Christmas Shopping In May

This past Saturday I finally had the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping.  My first stop was to the mall armed with coupons and the JC Penney ad.  It was the day before Mother's Day so there were loads of sales and my plan was to buy some Christmas gifts for my daughter's.

So many clearance items it was overwhelming

When I got there I found exactly what I was hoping to find.  But I also found loads of clearance racks jam packed full of winter clothing at 60 to 80% OFF.  I spent a good while looking through those racks in each department.  I'm not usually a patient shopper, but for some reason I was that day.

Lots of $5 sales at JC Penney

I picked up all season pajamas for my girls and some cute winter tops for them as well.  I even found a summer nightie on the clearance rack for myself and a black camisole/tank on sale for $5 to replace my worn and faded one.  I used a $10 OFF coupon to lower the prices even more.

I picked up this package of brand new gift boxes for 50¢ at Goodwill

Then I got busy and got those gifts wrapped up already in gift boxes I picked up at Goodwill  Saturday and some tissue wrap and paper I already had on hand.  I used handmade gift tags too.  As Christmas draws closer I'll decorate the packages with ribbons and bows so they don't get squished in the meantime.

I found quite a few items at Goodwill to help stretch my Christmas
budget - total spent $2 plus $1.50 on some other items for an upcoming gift project

I also did a little bit of Christmas shopping at Goodwill.  I was hoping to find some items to use in an upcoming project I'll be working on and I found them.  Stay tuned for that post coming at a later date.

A FREE Yankee candle to go into a Christmas gift

After Goodwill I headed to Fred Meyer to pick up my Friday freebies.  One of those items is part of a Christmas project as well.  And best of all it is FREE!  Love that!

Feels pretty good to have a start on my gift list already.  And to have collected some stuff for my projects too!  Yaaaay!


  1. I keep thinking "it's almost June" and I need to get busy. I did pick up a cute little doodle book at Goodwill last week and put it in the gift closet. I really thought I would be further along by now. Time is flying!!!

  2. I'm impressed not only with your great finds but the fact that you actually wrapped them already! Way to go!!!

  3. I remember when my kids were still toddlers, all the gifts I gave them for Christmas one year came from the thrift shop. I have no compunction whatsoever about giving gifts purchased second hand, or, even, re-gifting an item I don't use to somebody who will. This past Christmas, one DS received two like-new shirts purchased at Goodwill, and DD received a never-opened package of watercolor crayons I found during the same visit. I also save many of my Kroger brand store Friday Freebies for gifts. I have been accused of being cheap by doing this, but those who do so are not the people to whom I give gifts.

    1. I think you are just fine doing that and we have no problem gifting second hand items here either. It really irritates me when people think that is being cheap. I think it is both resourceful and mindful. My youngest gave her sister two really nice designer tops for her birthday from Goodwill and she loves them. No way could she have afforded them new at the mall.

  4. Practical ParsimonyMay 17, 2018 at 7:05 PM

    You did really well. My children never mind if the gifts for their children are used. I never buy anything shabby!

  5. Anchorage has a recycling center with bins for mixed paper, cardboard, aluminum and other items. I consistently find gift bags, gift boxes and partial (sometimes complete) rolls of wrapping paper in the mixed paper bin.

    Obviously I wouldn't take anything that was wet or dirty. These things are just sitting there atop piles of other paper. So yes, I harvest them and use them -- and since relatives and close friends tend to give the bags back to me, I can re-use them later on.

    Haven't had to buy gift wrap/bags in YEARS. Some of the wrapping paper is for special occasions, too, such as baby showers or weddings. I'm ready for anything.

    1. That is really great Donna. How lucky you are to have that resource.


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