Thursday, May 24, 2018

Investment Grocery Shopping

Saturday afternoon my oldest and I made a quick trip to Albertson's to pick up meat that was on sale.  They have their pot roast on again for $1.99 a pound and pork chops for 99¢ a pound.  

I bought four roasts and two large packages of chops.  I even found a package of breakfast sausage on markdown.

One of the loss leaders was boxes of granola bars for 79¢ a box.  I bought the max of four boxes to put up for school lunches in the fall.  

With the big bag of assorted chips and now the granola bars I've got a great start already and so far I've only spent $7.15 of my $10 monthly budget this month.  Even though school will be out June, July and the first few weeks of August I plan to continue to use my monthly allotment to continue stocking up with extra items as I find them on sale.

My oldest convinced me to get more ramen on sale for 12¢ each and some boxes of macaroni & cheese 2/$1 for easy lunches this summer.  I agreed as it will be nice for them to have these options whenever we run low on leftovers or they just want something different.

I divided up all the meat I bought at Albertson's along with the chicken and steaks I picked up from Fred Meyer on Friday into meal sized packages.  I put the packages into larger Ziploc bags to ward off freezer burn and then into the chest freezer in our garage.

Stocking up when there are really good sales, markdowns and loss leaders helps me a lot to control the amount I spend on our groceries and keep our monthly budget really low.  Making healthy and delicious meals for my family is important to me.  Making them affordable is too!


  1. Good shopping!
    ThePig here had their yearly 12 hour stock up sale on meats so I managed to get some crazy good bargains. Here ground chuck is 2.99 a pound at its lowest. They had it for 1.99 so I bought almost 30 pounds. Pork tenderloins were 1.29 and the lowest we ever see them here is 1.99 a pound. I bought 5 that are already in cryovac bags so they went straight to the freezer. Now this week Sprouts is having super sales on boneless chicken breasts and thighs. Stocking up on that too.

    1. Good for you Anne! Great deal on the chuck! I'd like to get some of that for the freezer myself.

  2. Those are great prices!
    Practical Parsimony


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