Monday, August 6, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday we worked way too hard on our latest project, but we got a ton done.  After putting in a full day of work we called it a day, showered, put on clean clothes and I took my youngest on a Mommy/Daughter date.  It had been a while since she and I had done that and we were due.  We had a very nice time at Sizzler, her choice, enjoying a nice dinner, reflecting on the project we were working on and chit chatting about all kinds of stuff.  We relaxed and just had a really nice time.

Monday evening after I got home from work she helped me swap out the bedroom light and hang it in the dining room and install the new one in my bedroom.  Only took us half an hour to get that job done and we are quite pleased with the results.  Our dining room is now officially finished as is our entry way, kitchen and living room.  Four rooms down and only..... yeah we are still a ways away from making it through the whole house.  But we are gaining on it!

I am entirely in love with my dining room

Tuesday we took the evening off from projects, got caught up on laundry and a couple housekeeping tasks and that was it.  We were both pooped out and needed a break.  And clean underwear.  We folded laundry in front of the TV and called it a day.

Wednesday evening we set out all of the bins at the curb for pick up early Thursday morning.  Our good friends stopped by to check out our progress again on the house.  We got a big thumbs up.

Last of the old downstairs carpet removed

Thursday evening I finished tearing out the last of the old carpet downstairs.  I got it all off the stairway landing and out of the hallway.  I pulled up the rest of the padding, pried up all of the tack strip and removed the staples too.  I filled up another one of our neighbor's trash bins.  I am super grateful to her for letting us use her bins the past few weeks.  She has no idea how much that has saved us, not only in dump fees, but in time too.

Friday my youngest babysat so after she left I got busy picking up where we had left off on Sunday with our latest and by far the largest project we have undertaken thus far.  I'll be sharing this one in a two-part post coming up fairly soon so be sure to watch for that.  When she got home she was pretty impressed with all that I got done.

Pretty good haul from Fred Meyer

Saturday morning I was up and at it bright and early once again.  After a quick cup of coffee I headed out to do some grocery shopping for the first time in nearly two weeks.  I'm continuing my $20 a week challenge through August and I was a little excited to see how much I could get for my twenty bucks that day.  I think I did pretty well!

Friday freebies

After hitting Fred Meyer I dashed into Home Depot real quick for a couple of items I needed and then home to put away my grocery haul.  After that the youngest and I jumped into the truck and headed off to Restore, the Habitat For Humanity thrift store, to see what we could find for another project I have in mind.

The Grab It is a gift for someone

We also hit a couple of thrift stores along the way and managed to pick up a pair of brand new black Wrangler jeans for my youngest to wear to school, only $4.99!  I found a basket to hold all of the kitty toys so we no longer need to have them all piled up under the TV.  It was $2.99, but the 1/2 price tag color of the day, so only $1.49.  The young one found a darling little tea candle lantern that she fell in love with.  It's the first time she's wanted a decor item and for $1.99 I had no problem buying it for her.

After not finding anything at the Habitat thrift store we made our way over to another Restore on the other side of town.  It had many more options of what I was searching for.  We came home with two glass cabinet doors for $6.00 each.  It will be a while before I start this project, but it feels good to have two of the major components I needed already for when I do.  I'm super excited about it.

Hmmmm.....  wonder what this is for?

After Restore we went next door and perused the antique mall for a while.  We had a lot of fun looking at all the neat things they had there.  Then on the way home we drove through McDonalds to get the girl a vanilla ice cream cone.  She was pretty pleased about that.

I cut the top off of my tube of body cream in order to get to what remained inside, which turned out to be a lot.  I also rinsed out the laundry detergent bottle to make sure I got all of it out as well.  There was enough soap for half a load so I just topped it off with some from a new bottle.

The young one and I picked green beans from the garden and had enough to fix for supper.  We also picked a nice sized zucchini from the one plant we grew.  A friend of ours gave us more zucchini and yellow squash.

Green beans from our garden

Eggs from our chickens
Check out those cute little ones!

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Wow Dana! You're a whirlwind! Very impressed.

    I'm afraid I'm at the start of my frugality journey so I can't report anything too impressive but I did declutter a cupboard and donate most of its contents to a really worth while charity and received a £8 off £40 coupon for my usual supermarket so I'm pretty happy about that.

    I'm inspired by you and some of the other lovely thriftine bloggers and have picked up some great tips for simplifying my life. Thank you!


    1. You did fantastic Heloise! I love that we can all inspire each other and motivate ourselves to keep on track. Thank you for your lovely comments. :)

    2. Heloise, you have made the first step which is choosing to be frugal. I think that is the hardest step of all. No, wait, I change my mind. The hardest step for me is dealing with people who are spendthrifts, watching them waste money and not being able to get them to see the error of their ways.

      I recommend you go back to the beginning of this website and read all of the posts. I did and it has been very helpful.


  2. Great week! I love that you got components for your project at the Restore- we first learned about this place when we lived in Tennessee, and when our refrigerator broke- RIGHT AS WE WERE SELLING OUR HOUSE, ACKKKKKK!!!!- we got a replacement from the Restore. As luck would have it, when we moved back to our home state, there's a Restore just about a mile from our house, and my husband has gotten quite a bit of stuff from there to fix up our fixer-upper, including our kitchen island (desperately needed, because this place is sorely lacking in counter space) and our bathroom sink and cabinet. It's a fabulous resource!!!

    1. A couple years ago I bought a bathroom sink and a light for our chicken coop from there. I've found all kinds of things there for various projects. Plus it is fun to go and see what treasures they have.


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