Thursday, August 9, 2018

Our Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen

Want to see some before and afters?  I love to see before and afters.  I figured you might too.

Plain white, worn out wallpaper and a cat
Brighter and white.  Love that bead board wall

First up is our entry way that leads either into our kitchen or down the hall to our living room.  Freshly painted white ceiling, trim and walls including our new bead board textured paintable wallpaper.  We love this new addition.

Dracula looks good
But now he looks better!

And a gray feature wall where I hang my Dracula Untold movie poster.  Dracula likes his new digs.

Before - bye bye green cabinets

After - more counter space!

Into our kitchen with the freshly painted walls and cabinetry.  Amazing what a difference new paint makes in a room.  We are seriously enjoying the added counter space after we rebuilt the cabinet above to hold it.  The new ventless range hood is nice too as well as the extra cabinet space we now have above.


Hard to tell but brighter & fresher

The dining room got a huge makeover when we used the leftover wallpaper and some trim I had in the garage to create wainscoting.  I'd always wanted to add that and now I have.  We are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.  We painted it white along with the ceiling and trim.  then we painted the walls above in gray.  Easily one of our favorite rooms in our home.

Before - with the cat

After - where's the cat?

That is until we got the living room done.  We added a new tile entry at the door and completed the trim so it all matches now.  I also put trim around our living room window.

Not bad


Then we carried the paint scheme into here and it really tied in nicely with the dining room.  Finally we put in the new carpet tiles replacing the old and worn out stuff we had before.  The carpet tiles were very affordable, easy to install and look great.  We couldn't be happier.

The old living room

Another view of the new living room
We even managed to add a small tile entry at the door

So there you have it.  Big Difference, huh?


  1. You've put so much work into your house and it shows, everything looks so fresh and beautiful. I especially like your cabinets! Great job, and I hope you have some relaxation planned, because you've definitely earned it! :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I'll be ready for a vacation, that for sure! Still have more stuff in progress to finish up first. But I'm gaining on it!

  2. Your house looks so welcoming and cozy!

  3. It all looks so great! You did a good job. Love Dracula.

  4. You did such a great job and it looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you Diana. I had a lot of fun doing these rooms. Now to keep on going!

  5. Everything looks awesome! I needed encouragement so I clicked on your blog. I am attempting to paint the front porch and it is such a mess. Everything is piled out in the front yard and has been there for days. The weather has not cooperated, neither have the local hardware stores cooperated, ended up with a color I don't like. Oh well. It is looking better than before and is much cleaner.


    1. You and I must've been on the same wavelength. I spruced my porch up a bit this weekend. Not on the grand scale as you, but it does look much better. The spiders and I need to have a meeting. They are really trashing the joint. Lousy housekeepers.


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