Friday, August 10, 2018

Released On Good Behavior

Matilda Mae has been released from chicken jail and has finally rejoined her flock.  I couldn't be happier to have all of my girls together in the coop.

Josephine - Saggita
Phoebe - Gray Sage Auracana

One thing I can say about this lady is she can sure keep up a snit.  It took her six weeks to finally cool her jets, but she did it.  I knew she could do it.

Lucy - Light Brahma

Sylvia - Black Australorp

I noticed a couple weeks ago a change in her demeanor so we moved her closer to the coop where she could see all of the girls and yet still keep her distance.  The move didn't seem to rile her up and I was growing hopeful.

Edith - Buff Orpington
The Head Mistress

Sunday morning we put her in with the girls and it couldn't have gone more perfectly.  She settled right in, had a bite to eat and seemed quite content.  No aggression toward Edith or any of the youngsters.  Everyone is getting along nicely and she hasn't crowed now for nearly four weeks.  Thank goodness.

Matilda - Silver Laced Wyandotte

Good job Matilda!


  1. You have a hen that crows??? I thought that was crazy until one of my hens started crowing.

    1. Isn't it? I haven't had one that crowed before until Matilda. She really worked herself up into a dither.

  2. Oh, how neat! Glad your chicken is behaving better, and what lovely pictures. I love following other people's chicken adventures. They're not allowed in my town (and honestly, I'd probably just stress out over them way too much!), so I enjoy living vicariously through everyone else. :)

    1. I'm happy to share my girls with you, lol. They are so sweet and I will admit Matilda had me more than a little stressed. I was really worried about her.

  3. Wonderful to have all the girls together again!

  4. My grandmother (who ran a huge country farm) always said when a hen crowed, it was time to put her in the pot, and she promptly did just that. I asked my mom why and she said it was an old wive's tale. No one knew why it was so.

    I am NOT recommending you follow that advice. Just passing along some crazy history.


    1. Good thing she quit crowing!!! I did threaten her with the soup pot though. She didn't think I was the least bit funny.


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