Monday, August 12, 2019

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I got a surprisingly good night's sleep on Sunday and woke in the morning fairly well rested.  After rambling around the house for a bit I headed off to Lowes for some trim pieces and adhesive for another upcoming project.  After that I popped into Wal-Mart for produce since it is right next door.  Then home to put away my groceries and get busy doing laundry and a few other things around the house.

I think these will be perfect!

While at Wal-Mart I treated myself to some new light blocking curtains for my bedroom.  I had planned to reuse what I already had but changed my mind and decided I deserved something pretty and new for my new bedroom.  The last thing I'd purchased for my room was a new bed set five years ago.  It was time for me to get something new, I think.

A little chorizo & egg scramble for dinner
My oldest daughter arrived home in the wee hours of the morning Monday and we are very glad to have her home.  While I was at work she was able to get her things off the deck and start another round of purging, sorting and packing.  We agreed she may still have a little too much stuff and it isn't going to all fit in her dorm room.  We also discussed some options for what to do in her "new" bedroom for when she is home on visits.  I would love to have that project completed in time for her by the Christmas break but that would be quite the endeavor!  I still think I can do it.

Tuesday we enjoyed a night out to the movies and saw Toy Story 4.  I used a $10 gift card I had to one of the theatres and since it was Tightwad Tuesday as I like to refer to it, we got discounted tickets.  Total spent out of pocket for the three of us to see a movie was $6.50.  Not too bad.

My youngest daughter registered for high school on Thursday.  A yearbook, the least expensive school pictures packet and a school activity card totaled up to a whopping $100!  Ridiculous if you ask my opinion.  This year I'm only registering one kid for school so there is that.

I picked up a few more supplies at Home Depot Friday evening.  I used gift cards to cover those purchases so no additional money out of pocket that night.

Friday and Saturday I worked on projects around the house.  I'm trying to get as much done as possible before school starts up again.

I worked a small amount of overtime last week.

I sold a dozen eggs to a friend and put that money aside for the chicken's next bag of feed.

I received grocery coupons from Fred Meyer and a $10 coupon from one of the feed stores here in town.  Both came in the mail.

Our girls to good work!

We washed out several Ziploc bags again last to reuse.

I used some B&BW shower gel to make up a batch of homemade foaming hand soap solution and topped off our dispensers in the kitchen and downstairs bathrooms.

Some of the 15 Minute Chores I accomplished to keep my home in order:

Laundry Room & Half Bathroom - cleaned sink, toilet & mirrors, washed the rug.  Daily swish & swipe.

Dining Room - vacuumed floor, dusted shelves and chair rail.

Kitchen -  vacuumed floor, cleaned microwave & wiped down appliances.

Bedrooms & Main Bathroom - vacuumed & dusted.  Scrubbed sink, counter & pumiced toilet.  Washed mirror, washed bathmat.  Daily swish & swipe.

Other - three loads of laundry, vacuumed & dusted living room, hallway & entry.  Swept front porch.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Hi Dana I am a new reader and I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. So much to learn from you and your lovely family. I have read 2019 and most of 2018. I have a set budget for food and non food too per week and I write it all down in a diary..would need to sort out a spredsheet eventually.
    Thank you for all your posts :)

    1. Welcome! I am so happy you decided to comment. I love hearing from like minded people. I use Excel spreadsheets to track all of my stuff. It really helps me a lot. I've kept journals too, which is very handy.

      Enjoy going back through the archives!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your bedroom and the one for your oldest daughter. Have a great week!

    1. It is getting exciting around here! Have a great week as well.


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