Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas – Teachers

No one deserves a little something at the holidays quite like a teacher.  Their job is tough and it takes a special person to be a good teacher.  Christmas is an excellent time to let them know they are special. 

My girls have been blessed by a lot of really great teachers over the years.  So at Christmas time we don’t just give gifts to their current teacher but to their past teachers as well.  One could blow the budget right there but we stay it on track by keeping it simple and making something ourselves, usually a food gift. 

This year we are making Snowman Candy Bars. 

You will need: 

·         Regular size Hershey milk chocolate candy bars (as many as you need)
·         Plain white copy paper
·         Scissors
·         Scotch tape
·         School glue (of course)
·         Felt tip markers
·         Scraps of colored paper, ribbon, trim, and/or fabric
·         Pom poms (optional) 

Cut each sheet of paper in half and then trim each half to 6 inches (5½” X 6”).  In the center, draw on a snowman face near the top and three buttons where the tummy would be.  Wrap the strip around the candy bar and tape in the back to secure.  To add a little dimension cut a hat shape from the colored paper and glue at the top above the face.  Make a scarf from paper, fabric or trim and wrap around securing with a dot of glue.  Or cut a bowtie.  Use a pom pom for a nose or a triangle of orange paper and glue in place. 

You can make miniature snow men two with pieces of paper trimmed to 2 ¼” X 4” and following the same directions.  I use a red felt tip marker to make the noses and the pom poms to adorn the hats.  We are using these for the girls to give to their friends. 

They go together quickly and easily.  Make a gift tag for your child to fill out and attach.

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  1. This is really cute. What a great way to dress up an inexpensive gift.


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