Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Christmas All Year Long - Ornaments

Most of my friends and relatives have kitties so my Kitty Kat Christmas Ornaments are perfect to add to the gifts I am planning to give them.  I also make dogs for my puppy minded loved ones as well.

I have some extra ornaments left from my Etsy store as well as plenty of supplies to make more.  This month I plan to make a few more and some puppy dogs too for the dog lovers on our gift list.

I like to try to make them resemble their beloved pets as much as possible and I have also made them to commemorate the ones we've lost and won't forget.  My aunt has a Shi Tzhu so I need to make an ornament for her as well.

I have a kitty on my tree that looks like each one of ours, that is, when we set up our big tree.  Last year, as you may recall, our tree was tiny.  Too small for these ornaments I'm afraid. 

Do you make ornaments?  What kind do you make?


  1. How incredibly cute! :)
    I used to make Christmas ornaments years ago but the past few years I make kiddie ornaments with my lil rascals. Usually it has their picture on it or something. I would like to find the time again to make ornaments to give as gifts. :)

    1. The one our children make are by far the best. I treasure those. :)


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